Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Very Best Medicine

Today has been one of those days - a tired, cranky, bogged down with allergies kind of no good, very, bad day. It's hard to enjoy life when you just want to dope yourself up with Benedryl, pull the covers over your head, and sleep for days, isn't it?

But then my three year old came over to me and said, "Here, Mom. I made you a bookmark. It's a picture of me."

Naturally, I ooohed and ahhhhed over how awesome it is and immediately stuck it in my book...

And she gave me the biggest, proud-of-her-self-ist smile and said, "If you don't remember who I am, you can just look at this picture."

The saying is oh-so-very true: Laughter is the best medicine.

But only second the the world's cutest kids, and their world-class self portraits.

Happy Wednesday, folks!



  1. I love those moments so so so so much. And that self portrait is genius

  2. That is so lovely. Something to keep forever!

    CJ xx


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