Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Day I've Been Waiting For All My Life...

Due to my crazy-busy life this week, I'm cross-posting from my personal blog!

The day I've been waiting for all my life has finally arrived! I have a live-in maid!

Usually 3-year-old Annelie enjoys helping me with the vacuuming by ripping up garbage and dropping it in front of the vacuum for me to suck up, while pointing and announcing, "There's one. Don't forget to vacuum that one."

But today, my life got a little bit sweeter...

Look! My maid even cleans the [cringe] really dusty under cabinet places!

Though she does sometimes get distracted...

By sucking up her shirt.

And colorful bits of junk mail.

But she vacuumed three rooms today, and had the biggest smile the entire time!

lounges on couch eating bon-bons]

Hurray for live-in maids!



  1. Amelia is obsessed with trying to help me clean the bathroom. Not that I'm not 100% up for the help, but I've seen her wipe the toilet with a Clorox wipe then move on to the countertop. EWWWW! She has a lot of fun with the Swiffer duster, so that's a better option.

    Dude, no jonesing all the bon bons!

  2. Woo hoo! Finally, reaping the rewards for having children.
    When mine start doing the dishes and laundry, I'm plopping on the couch next to you with my bon bons.


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