Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh Momma

Howdy all :)

I'm Amanda
aka "Momma"

I'm married to Michael, whom as far as I'm concerned is the best guy in the whole wide world. Why? Because he helps me with the laundry and the dishes and rubs my feet and my back after I've had a long day with the kiddos. Yeah .... he's pretty much as amazing as they come, that husband of mine.

I'm a mommy to a vivacious six year old, Brayden, who is eager to explore the world and is now starting to be at that age where playing with his friends is cooler than playing with his mom (I'm not dealing with that so well). I'm also mommy to a rambunctious two year old, Gage, who is about as independent as a two year old could possibly be. Currently he and I are working on (and failing quite miserably I might add) at the fine art of potty training.

I'm a city girl at heart who lives in rural Pennsylvania. I went to Pitt not once, but twice. First for creative writing with an emphasis in poetry and secondly for nursing. And both times I dropped out. I'm one of those indecisive girls and refused to pursue an education that would take up so much of my life for anything that I wasn't 100% passionate about. Along the way I got married and started to settle into my life and my husband and I had our kiddos. And then BAM, there was that life passion of mine that I had been looking for.

I've been a stay at home momma for almost three years now and I've loved every hellacious minute of it. But now that the economy is in the dumpster (along with my savings account I might add) I've decided to go back to work. Oh and I'm totally and completely in shambles about it.

In my extremely rare free time I'm usually engrossed in a book, scrapbooking the tens of thousands of photos that I take of my boys, or taking a much needed nap. Its those simple things in life that get me by and keep me some varied version of "sane".

Somewhere in my dream world, where I am this master artisan, I am the owner and operator of Oh Mandie, a super fabulous boutique filled with handbound journals and lovely little bits and baubles. But since this is reality we're talking about here and I can barely find the time to take a shower most days, you can visit me on and check out my other passions for jewelry making and paper crafting. Oh and if you ever feel like walking a day in my shoes, hop on over to my personal blog at Oh Mandie the Blog.

I can't wait to blog with all of the other Mommies and to get to know everyone out here in Mama Dramalogues land!! My amazing little laptop here is my window to the outside world, so please feel free to drop me an email, a comment, or an etsy convo anytime!

I hope that you enjoyed this little glimpse into my extremely busy, but oh so charmed life and that you'll be back soon. ♥