Tuesday, July 27, 2010

That's Not a Napkin

Lil Buddy has been blessed with a head of beautiful hair since the day he was born.  I'm talking so much hair that he had his first haircut at three months old.  He likes his hair a lot...a little too much really.  Every time we sit down for a meal, he has to run his hands through his hair.  Nervous tick?  Nope.  Seems no one told him his hair isn't an all purpose cleaning tool.  He waits until his hands are completely covered in whatever he's eating, then he'll rub his hands in his hair.  We hand him a napkin, he runs his hands in his hair.  We try to grab his hands to wipe them and before we can get the napkin on him, his hands are in his hair.  We tell him not to rub his hands in his hair and he...well you know.  If you were to show up at my house five minutes after we finished a meal, you could look at the back of his head to figure out what we've been eating.  Even when we think we've wiped him down pretty well, we always manage to find pieces of food on his neck, behind his ears or clinging for dear life to his cowlick.  All I can say is I hope he outgrows it.  I doubt a future prom date will want to be seen with the guy who has corn in his hair.  Then again, maybe he'll become some genius scientist who engineers the latest in all natural, organic hair gels.  In the meantime, you'll find me picking Goldfish crumbs and wiping leftover Gogurt off the back of Lil Buddy's head.  Either that or I'm super gluing a Swiffer wipe to his hand.


  1. Ha! Autumn does pretty much the same thing! I'm thinking the Swiffer idea sounds good!

  2. The Swiffer wipe does sound like a good idea. In fact, maybe the kids should wear them on their feet and hands and clean whilst they play around the house. Just a thought. :o)

  3. Ahaha, I just have to say that Annelie does that TOO! So gross!!


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