Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Daddy Saturday

I'm not sure who in our house loves Saturday the most.

I think it might be me, because on Saturdays, I get the whole day to myself, even if I'm stuck doing housework.

Will seems to think he loves it more, because he gets to spend the whole day spoiling the girls.

And of course, the girls seem to think they love it the most because they get to spend the whole day doing the best. stuff. EVER with their dad.

I still think it might be me. On Saturday mornings, we all get up and have breakfast. Then, Will pulls the girls out of my hair, packs them up and whisks them off for a day of daddy/daughter fun.

The biggest hit of the day is always the free Build-and-Grow workshop at Lowes. Every weekend, there's a new project for little ones to hammer and nail together themselves. Gracie and Annelie grab their apron and protective eye-wear, and have a blast building stuff.

After that, the three of them go out to lunch, hit some garage sales and antique shops, play at the park, and sometimes catch a movie. It's not until they come home for dinner, bath, and bed, that I finally take over.

We definitely have two Daddy's girls in our house. I certainly don't mind being left out. After a whole week spent with two high-energy, non-napping preschoolers, nothing makes me happier than having a house to myself.

I might be vacuuming and endlessly folding laundry, but it still feels like Mother's Day, every single weekend!



  1. What a wonderful idea i might just mention it to my hubby! Sounds good to me!

  2. that is so awesome!! I love hearing stories like that =o) my dad was there, in the house, but he didn't do stuff like that

  3. Hey, can I send my two up to you on Saturdays? It's very cool the girls get some boding time and you get some sanity time :)

  4. That sounds fabulous. I want a day every week like that. You have a wonderful husband and two very lucky girls. Three, including yourself. :o)


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