Monday, July 26, 2010

Me, Myself and Time

So last week, I posed a challenge to do something for you sometime during the week. It could have been anything so long as it was for your benefit. Let's face it, as women/mothers/wives, we tend to put ourselves last, but what kind of an example is that? I want my girls to know that who they become as people is just as important as the roles they will eventually play. I wear the hats of wife and mother, but it's not who I am. If I wasn't either of those things, would I cease to exist?

I don't know if anyone accepted the challenge, but I sincerely hope so. My goal last week was to enter some of my photography at the local fair. I received a new camera for my birthday last year and I've been having lots of fun with it. A few weekends ago, our front yard became a dragonfly haven, so I hurried outside with my new camera in tow. Taking the photos was a cool experience, but editing them was even more enjoyable. I think I may even enlarge a few of them to frame and put around the house.

Yesterday was the deadline for fair entries, so after preparing my photos, I headed down there and entered them. A friend of mine also told me about a garden photography contest that our local paper is hosting. So I entered that one too. It doesn't matter if I win, that wasn't the point. I wanted to share a growing passion of mine and if someone else could appreciate it too, then that's just an added bonus. By taking the time, I've found a new hobby that I really enjoy.

This week, my goal is to help design and edit a webpage for a friend of mine. I don't have a whole lot of experience in this area, but the things I have dabbled in, I've enjoyed. So I'll be carving out some more me time and I also have a planned ladies night out with some friends.

What will you do this week?


  1. WOOHOO, HOLLY! You are so awesome! Good for you for doing something Your photos are always awesome. Now, you need to email me some head shots, and you know why. Go. Now.

    I wrote my first ever short story!! I feel like a ROCKSTAR!

  2. Your photos are beautiful! Good Luck!! =D

    I entered a couple of mine in the local fair. I have to drop them off next week. =D

  3. I'm super jealous of your spiffy camera. You DO take some awesome pics and I'm glad you're carving out time to pursue that. I just wrote and have been revising a children's picture book! My writing is my new "me" thing!

  4. That's awesome. You photos are amazing. I actually wrote half a chapter of a novel last week. It's something I do for me and I'm trying to get finished by November. :)


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