Wednesday, June 9, 2010

When Yes means YES, Now Stop Asking!

5-year-old Gracie, bless her little heart, drives me insane. Not always, of course. But lately, conversations with her, especially ones in which she asks me a question and I give her an answer, are so exasperating, I'm not quite sure what to do with her.

A few minutes ago, we had a conversation like this:

Gracie: Mom, can I have a spoon to go with my ice cream?

(for the record, it was ice ream in a squeeze container and did not require a spoon)

Me: Yes.

Gracie: Really? I can have a spoon?

Me: I said 'yes.'

Gracie: I can get one? A spoon?

Me: Gracie, I said YES. You asked if you can have a spoon and I answered. I said YES.

Gracie: So, should I get a spoon for my ice cream?


(I'm making that last one up. Although I did think those words in my head)

Every day, we have multiple conversations like this one. She asks a question, I answer, she keeps asking the question, I go completely insane, she asks again, my eyes pop out of my head, she asks again, and lather, rinse, repeat.

The sucky thing is this: she isn't doing it deliberately. I can tell. Sometimes she drives me insane on purpose, but in this case, nope.

So. Moms out there, here is your chance to dispense as much advice as you like. Do you have conversations like this? If so, how in the world to you keep your sanity whilst getting the point across to your kiddo that YOU ALREADY ANSWERED THE QUESTION and therefore it does not need to be asked a million more times?

Go on. Tell me.

Pretty, pretty please?



  1. Okay. Let me just tell you that you are NOT alone. My 10 y.o. still does this sometimes. IT MAKES ME INSANE! In fact, I'm thinking it's time to send her off to boarding school. Okay, not really about the boarding school thing. Well, unless someone wants to pay for it. ;)

  2. Sorry, can't help, we're still in the "why" phase. Though, that's pretty darn annoying too. :oP

  3. Luckily, my daughter is only 9 months right now. We're at the "No-no, mom mom" stage. But I do have a 12 year old brother that does this with me AND my husband! I just keep telling myself that my daughter is never going to bug me like this and once she gets this age I'll be able to keep my composure and not lose my mind. We'll see how that goes! :)

  4. Oh man... a 10 year old and a 12 year old and they STILL do it? First, glad I'm not alone!! Second, ARRRRGH! Will it never end!! :D Good thing kids are so lovable!

  5. When Carly does that, I turn it around. If she asked me a zillion times if she can have a spoon, I'll say: "Carly, can you have a spoon?" And she'll say yes, and that'll be the end of it!
    ps. You're funny!

  6. ugh that makes me nuts! Usually I give "the look" and refuse to answer after the 3rd time ... I like SewSweetStitches way though, gonna try that!!

  7. UGH! Amelia does similar to me only once I've said yes she'll keep saying "please Mommy, can I can I PLEASE?" It's like yes...yes...YES, I SAID YES!

  8. Ok. Am I the only one who has two teens & two pre-teens STILL doing this? Lastnight our oldest (16) must have asked a bagillionn times if we could go to redbox for a movie! My husband said YES a bagillion times! Uggg!

  9. I don't know. I am insane at this point. The questions are different with my older kids but still exasperating and they are probably still not trying to make me as crazy as I am.

    On a separate note, I really, really like how you write, Marisa. And this is just a blog post. Can't wait until I get to your book.

  10. *disclaimer*I'm not a mom*

    Just tell her "no" the second time. Then if she says "But you just said yes!" then you can tell her that that was before she asked again (and again and again). She'll start paying more attention.

  11. Oh no, I never have this problem...probably because I never say 'Yes'. But if I did say 'Yes', I'm pretty sure they'd ask me again and again and know, because they'd have to confirm that I actually DID say 'Yes'.

  12. Oh yes, I have this problem everyday. My elder one (6.5 yo)will keep on asking about one thing over and over again and I was just staring at him thinking who's wrong? hee hee..

  13. My youngest, 7 yo, will argue my 'yes' with me. It's the same as 'yes, yes, yes, I said yes' but she will insist that I do not understand what she is asking for and explain her question in a handful of different ways, all resulting in the same 'yes' from me until she receives a 'please do it, or leave the room glare'.


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