Monday, June 14, 2010

Mama Drama Mondays: The Camping Trip

I don't know what possesses people to pack up all the comforts of home so they can spend the weekend sleeping in the woods, but we did it this weekend. In fact, it was the first time our family has ever been camping. It dawned on Jim and me, on the way to the campground, that the last time we went camping was when I was about 7 months pregnant with our oldest (I should note that I slept in a camper for comfort reasons). Personally, I consider myself lucky that I've managed to avoid camping for the last 6 years, but I should have known my time was up.

So, with much reluctance, we dusted off the camping gear and fishing poles and headed out to Promontory Park on the Clackamas River. At least the forecast was going to be nice for the weekend, although, I might have canceled if I'd know what the forecast was going to be for my kids: annoying with an increased chance of whining. Ooooo fun.

We went with a group of people, but we had the youngest kids (the only other child was a 10 year old girl). Most of my attempts at adult conversation went like this....

"Yeah, I went and saw the movie and... Peri where are you going? Stay here.... I thought it was okay... No, you can't leave by yourself, someone needs to go with you.... If you liked the show you'll like the movie although... Ryah, stop running, you're going to fall again.... there were some cheesy parts in the movie but overall... ARGH, Ryah I told you not to run, come here.... What was I saying?"

I should say that the kids were okay, for the most part, but when they were stinkers, boy were they. I don't know how many times I had to tell Peri to quit wandering off by herself or screamed, "What is that? Don't put it in your mouth!" However, they were delighted at having top bunks in the yomes we stayed in (yes, this is roughing it for me) and they enjoyed fishing, or at least, pretending to fish in Ryah's case. Peri also loved "driving" the boat and we enjoyed a nice long trip down the river. In hindsight, I think I enjoyed the boat the most because it corralled my kids for a short period of time.

The important thing is that Jim and the kids enjoyed themselves and if I have to "suffer" once a year, I'll do it for them. Besides, it is kind of gratifying when your 5 year old catches the biggest fish on her princess fishing pole and your husband has to be proud and envious at the same time.

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  1. You guys sound like us - we bought a tent a few years ago... but still haven't camped. I was kinda hoping we could this summer. I am worried though - camping with ALL of us for the first time. Not too sure about this great idea :)

  2. Funny, our "camping" was setting up Amelia's little tent from IKEA in the playroom and letting her sleep in it. The first night we tried, she was in it for an hour, then wanted to go back to her bed. Last night she asked to do it again and she slept there until 4:00 am, then I had to take her to bed. Now that the NIGHTIME temps are in the 80s and the bugs are all out, there's no way you're getting me in a tent outside!


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