Monday, June 21, 2010

I Am So Done

OK, so to start with...I want to tell Amanda...I thought of writing this before the post you wrote on Friday!  Pinky Swear!

So, where was I...oh  By done I'm talking about kids...having anymore that is.  People making babies has been on my mind a lot lately because friends I know are either newly pregnant, having babies soon or had babies not so long ago, which always seems to bring the question back around to me.  "Are you having anymore?"  Hmm, that would have to be a big N-O.  Negative.  Nein.  Niet. Non.  Not that I would ever change having the two I already have, but as a friend once put it to me, I'm a "two and through" kinda Mama.  Had my two, now I'm through.  Why?  Here's a few reasons...

- I don't care to look like this again (though, the hormone enhanced, great hair was a bonus)

- Or do 15 hours of this again...

- I don't want little baby feet inside my belly pushing my stomach up into my ribcage and making two bites of a meal feel like I swallowed a turkey whole.

- I don't miss waking up every two hours to spend 45 minutes feeding someone who will wake up again in two hours...or have to watch Men's and Women's Olympic curling and/or luging while I'm doing it.

- I can do without swollen, leaking Mama boobs.

- Of course I do miss this, just a little...

and this too...

though, I prefer this...

Sure, back then I could get SweetPea to sleep by just sticking her in her baby swing while I took a nice, steamy, warm, shower and, sure, I could leave Lil Buddy in his Exersaucer while I ran to put wet clothes in the dryer and know for certain he'd be where I left him when I got back in the room...but now I have two little people who sleep through the night...who can brush their teeth by themselves (OK, with a little follow up from Mom or Dad)...who can go to the potty all by themselves (make that one can...and one is learning).  Best of all, they can play nicely together for small stretches of time so that I can fold laundry or make dinner or any of other things that need to get done.  Does it hurt my feelings that they need me (slightly) less?  Nope.  Will I cry when SweetPea walks off to kindergarten in about a year...OK, well yeah, but I'm pretty sure I'll get over it.

And that's that.  Our little family is complete and just fine with me.


  1. when I first saw this thread I thought you were announcing another baby!!! LOL.. Guess not.. xo

  2. Aww but you were such a cute pregnant lady! I do understand though - I think you just know when your family is complete.

  3. I'm with you. At times. I am so sleep-deprived and have been for 4 years (18 mos with K and the rest is all Jake). But there are times when I see a completely dependant little one and I have to admit, it gives me that "now or never" feeling. John tells me if I want more kids, I'll have to wait 'til the divorce is final. He thinks that's funny for some reason.

  4. Wendy, bite your tongue!!! Hee hee.

    Aw thanks Leah :) More so the first time than the second! You looked great through all THREE of yours!

    Stacey, well I think you should have one more :P That way I can laugh at you when you are about 6 months preggie and miserable with all day heartburn again! I'll point and say "I told you so". I'm sweet like that!!

  5. Ah...I was a One & Done. Too bad I didn't realize that until I had two;p But you know I wouldn't trade my Ladybug for anything...well, maybe for a weekend of peace & quiet. Nah...I'll keep her no matter what.

  6. LOL Teddy, yeah, I didn't realize it until after I had two also. Love Ryah to bits, but wow, two is a LOT harder than one.

    We're done with two, at least for now. That may not change but I can never say never until we have a permanent fix.

  7. hahaha ironic!! After spending a week chasing my boys around on the beach, I think I just may change my tune! And yes, you were quite a cute pregnant lady!


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