Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy (Belated) B-day, TMD!

First Birthday Hat - by Sweet 'n Sassy Baby

This just goes to show how affected by "Mommy Brain" I am. I swear my brain used to work better than it does now. Frequently, I wonder if my brain is just free-floating around my head, unattached to anything.

And the reason: I meant to do a whole HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, The Mama Dramalogues! post... but, 23 days later, it only just occurred to me that we started this blog a year ago last June. Way to be awesome. Hopefully I won't be forgetting my kid's birthdays, but I do have to admit I completely forgot Father's Day this year (um, yeah. I know. Poor hubs), so forgetting my own kids birthday is definitely a possibility...

Without further ado, let me conclude with HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY TO YOU, THE MAMA DRAMALOGUES!

And a very huge thank you to everyone involved in posting during this year and most importantly THANK YOU to all of you readers, who keep coming back for more! You keep us going and going and going and we hope you'll all be around next year when I will most certainly forget our second birthday as well!



  1. Well how did I miss that boat??? YAY for one year down! As with our kids, the time sure flies :)

  2. Well then...Happy Birthday to The Mama Dramalogues! I will be coming back for more :)


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