Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Disney's Little House On the Prairie - A Review by 4 Year Old Gracie

The other day, I recorded the Disney TV mini-series of Little House on the Prairie, for my girls (3 year old Annelie and 4 year old Gracie) to watch. Technically, we only watched 3 of the 5 two-hour parts, but as they were all kind of the same, I figured we had watched enough for Gracie to give a review. So here it is:

4 year old GRACIE'S REVIEW of Disney's Little House on the Prairie
(spoiler alert!)


Two little girls named Mary and Harry (Actually, it's Laura) go to Kansas and ride on a horse that has a wagon. A rattle snake comes and bit the horse and the horse got hurt and broke its leg. And the nice guys gave them a lot more horses and they got a cow. They builded a house and the Indians came and when the dad was riding on the horse, he fell off the horse and coyotes started to get the daddy. And when they were on their way, the dog was swimming in the water and they lost their dog. They thought their dog was dead and they didn't know where the dog was and then the dog came back. I loved it so much when the dog came back. There were some sad parts. Then the dad gave the little girls new shoes and Laura wanted to get the other girl's shoes messy. And more Indians went in the house and the mother shouted, "Indians!" and that was it.


I felt sad and happy because there were some sad parts in it that made me really sad and scared. And happy. My favorite characters were the two little girls, Mary and Laura because I liked them so much. I want to watch it again. Can you get it for me from Netflix, Mom?

Star Rating out of 5

Gracie: SIX!

"Oh no, what happened to the doggie, Jack?"


"Jack's dead? That's really sad!"


"The doggie is ALIVE! I'm really, really, really happy about that!"


For a more detailed review, written by someone who is older than age four, you will have to go to another site. But I will say this: though the intended audience is ages 6 and above, my girls were completely riveted with the story and the characters and this movie was enjoyed by all!



  1. I LOVED the tv show when I was a kid. I'll still tune in now if I catch it on tv. Cute review, Gracie! Love seeing things through the eyes of children. If the Hollywood makeup thing doesn't work out, she can be the next Ebert.

  2. hahahaha! this was hilarious. and total genius. man. i wish i thought of it.

  3. OMG, we should get Gracie and Amelia together to do an Ebert (oh wait, is he dead now?) and Roper movie review show :) I bet it would be way more interesting.

    We saw this series when it came on TV. I don't think Amelia was born yet, but I LOVED it. It really did the original books justice. We have the entire Little House book series (my mom bought it for us) and we used to read them to her when she was very small. Now that she's getting into letting me read to her non picture books (we're reading book one of How to Train Your Dragon right now), I think I might start reading them again.

  4. GREAT REVIEW!! I still have my original Laura Ingalls books from when I was a little girl!! LOVE THEM! Like the show also, but never sae the movie!

  5. Oh, I'll bet my boys would watch it! Great job on your review, Gracie! Now I'm going to have to get it from Netflix too.

  6. Little House was one of my FAVORITE series growing up. When I was pregnant and confined to bed for a few weeks, I watched back-to-back episodes twice daily. LOL!

    I love Gracie's review!

  7. I love this. Dying to see the movie just because I have a thing for Little House on the Prairie. Now dying to read a whole book of reviews from Gracie!

    You are brilliant, Marisa!

  8. haha! That's even cuter than the 3-yo reviewing star wars on youtube. (Seriously, if you haven't seen it, Seen it right now!)
    I love your posts, you're so creative!

  9. So cute, and I'd have been sad right along with Gracie when it looks like the dog died! That was one of my favorite shows growing up... I think I still have the books somewhere too!

  10. Haha, thanks everyone!! This review was fun to make :)


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