Saturday, March 6, 2010

Color the Comics

Hurray, its the weekend! We're starting ours out with a guest post by TMD reader Shelly and her brilliant, 'green' coloring idea!


I'm a cheap... err.. I mean thrifty momma, and I strive to be a "green" momma. So, when this little gem struck me in the head, it was like lightening. Everytime I venture to the store, the four year old in tow wants a new coloring book. At first, I thought this was cute. Now, I think its expensive and wasteful. Why did I not realize I get a coloring book delivered to my house everyday? DUH!

Now the possibilities are rolling around in my head. I can't wait to save up a few pages and cover the table with them at parties and such.

So easy!




Okay, that's just plain genius! Thanks Shelly!

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Enjoy your weekend!


  1. This is brilliant, Shelly!! Thanks so much for guest posting today!

  2. That's an awesome idea, Shelly. I wish we still got the daily paper. And that would be a pretty fun idea for a birthday party. Definitely keep the kiddos busy for a bit. :o)


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