Monday, March 8, 2010

Mama Drama Monday: Lost Library Books

I just spent a good hour tearing my house upside-down, searching for a library book. Let me just tell you... I'm a little ticked off right now.

You see, in an effort to avoid events such as searching for missing library books, we have a place where all the library books are kept. So why, oh why, did I just waste a precious hour of my life searching for Gracie and Annelie's book? Because that's what life as a mom is like... at least in my house, anyway.

I swear, I spend about 3 hours a day looking for kid-related stuff. We don't leave the house until we've spent a good 30 minutes scrambling around for shoes and jackets, which somehow end up out of the shoe box, or off the jacket hook, just when I need them most. ARRGH - aggravating.

In the search for today's library book, my kids were no help at all.

"Book! Where are you?" four-year old Gracie called out.

"The book is not in the spaghetti!" three- year old Annelie announced.

Yeah, they are the most inefficient library book hunters on the planet.

So did I find the book? you may be wondering. The answer - Nope. But I did find all sorts of things including a jar of peanut butter on Annelie's book shelf (Ew, what the heck?) and a decapitated Ken doll (a sure sign that Barbies mate like praying mantises).

But we didn't find the book.

My kids (mainly Gracie) learned a great lesson in responsibility today. I may have been able to renew the book online, saving us from a week's worth of fines, but you better BELIEVE she's going to be using her allowance money to pay me for my time searching high and low for the book she lost. Oh yeah, I'm THAT kind of mom!

Gracie cried as she realized that her ice-cream truck ice-cream money was going to be padding my wallet and I cashed out her piggy bank and paid myself with 4 dollars (yeah, okay, my labor is a little cheap... but I had to leave the kid something - I'm not completely cold-hearted)

And as for the library book... okay, kids-of-mine, get back to searching!



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  1. I like the idea of getting paid for my time searching. That'll "learn" 'em. :o)
    I shared my woes of Peri becoming a woman of the cloth. :oP

  2. We do this often. Mostly because we check out books from the public library AND their school library. That means double the pleasure, double the fines.

  3. LMAO!! Been there, done that! Why didn't I think of paying myself? HMM...

  4. Yep, tough love works great! My sons first seat belt fine I paid...second one no way... made him do community service hours for it.. he did not like that much but learned to wear seat belt ...mind you he was 17 years old!

  5. I never considered paying myself, what a wonderful idea! Hope you find the missing book!!

  6. i have no drama this week, just pure sweetness. though i can relate to the library book search. i ended up having to pay the girls school for one...of course, it showed up about two weeks later. and i will admit to padding my wallet with the girls' piggy bank money when necessary! milk's gotta be bought! :-)

  7. lol @ "It's not in the spaghetti!" I mean really, it was a helpful suggestion. If something ever did turn up in the spaghetti, would you be surprised?

  8. We are always looking for Curly Bunny at our house - I cannot even tell you how many hours I have searched for Curly!

    I hope that you find Gracie's book soon!

  9. I did a similar thing. One of my angels (hehe) has been taking the others candy, so she had to give up $10.00 to buy the other 4 kids replacement far (knock on wood) haven't had books get lost for long enough to be fined.

  10. Wow, your kids get allowance? Do they have to do anything to get it? I love what you did, too :)

  11. They do get allowance! And they MOST DEFINITELY have to earn it. Gracie folds the laundry, and she and Annelie help pick up the toys around the house without complaining. I know they should do that anyway, but getting a handful of change to spend at Target, the Dollar Tree, or when the ice-cream truck comes round, makes it less of a hassle getting them to help out!

  12. My kids don't get allowances...heck Daniel would just eat his ;) However, if I were to be paid for my searching time through their allowance bank, they would be BROKE!


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