Friday, March 5, 2010

Mom vs. Flu

Perhaps it is just me, but I firmly believe that every single mother in the world who is dealing with a sick child or sick children deserves a medal. And perhaps a parting gift including an all expenses paid trip to some fancy tropical resort on the beach.

Right now in my house we have two very miserable children who, after a few days of sickness, are still bed ridden with the flu. And I'm pretty sure without getting graphic we all know what kind of messes that entails.

It really should have been expected though, as Brayden is in first grade, which is just a large breeding ground for all sorts of gross and paralyzing different germs and sicknesses. It's a dirty, sticky, germ-infested little haven where small people all share pencils, snacks, glue, and every other sort of magnet for parasites, viruses, and bacteria of all description. It's biological warfare against mothers, and I for one am fighting a mighty battle.

While my children start to get better and the glaze over their tired eyes fades away and the bright inquisitiveness returns I start to feel weaker and weaker. That's usually how it goes though, when one of us get sick we all get sick as whatever strain of that years illness makes its rounds through our house. And so we Lysol and we scrub.

I'm not sure if what I'm feeling is the result of the passing flu or if these are symptoms of another sickness that my body has been fighting for awhile now. And so when I need comfort, to feel well, and love, and I go to the only person whom I'm sure can put me at ease, my mom.

It's right there, in the middle of my conversation with her that I realize that it never really ends. Yes, the sicknesses may come and go but it never stops; a mothers need to nurture, support, care for, and love her children.


  1. UGH! A house full of flu is NO FUN, to say the least. We just had well checks for both kids and the doc is flat amazed we have been so healthy this winter. I think each kid has had a cold once, maybe twice and maybe 1 big 24 hour bug where they get really sick...but that's it. We count ourselves HUGELY fortunate. I hope you are all feeling better soon!!

  2. We've had the sickies too. Except, now it's just down to me. The germs make the rounds and always reach me last; not to mention they always hit me the hardest. How come everyone else gets over it in less than a weeks time and I'm starting week 3?! Blech. :op

    I hope you don't catch the flu too and it's just exhaustion from taking care of everyone else.

    I agree; a moms work is never done. :o)


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