Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Christmas Pajamas

The past couple of years our family has had a sort of Christmas tradition. Late Christmas eve night I would let the boys open just one present right before bed and always those gifts contained a new set of pajamas to sleep in that were supposed to ensure that Brayden and Gage were extra comfy and slept extra well because Santa Claus doesn't stop at houses were the children are still awake.

Over the years we've had some fun special Christmas pajamas, that carry the memories of the holiday all through the winter until the pants are too short on the child and they have to be passed down. The boys have accumulated a lovely collection of flannel pj's, Thomas the Tank Engine, Star Wars, Spongebob and so on, but none quite as special and wonderful as the pajamas of Christmas 2009.

This year we ran our of money, simply put. Things with our family finances have been extremely tight, so much so that the husband has taken on a second seasonal job just to make Christmas a little brighter for the boys. Somehow, between sales, handmade gifts, and a lot of love and luck we managed, but this year there would be no special Christmas pajamas and no gift opening on Christmas eve.

A few weeks ago the amazing Alyssa (also of The Mama Dramalogues - come see her on Tuesdays!) was asking for our opinions on what we'd like to see in her new etsy shop Stitch N Stones and I made the comment that whenever I look for hand sewed items for my children all I ever seem to find is cute items for girls ... not so great for a mom of 2 boys.

A few exchanged emails later and a lot of love and friendship sent, I received a package in the mail on Christmas eve. I knew what it contained, so I didn't open it, it didn't seem fair.

Late that night, when the boys were once again getting ready to go to bed to await Kris Kringle's arrival, I presented them with the package and told them that a Christmas angel had sent it just for them. With delight they tore into their traditional Christmas eve present to find the most amazing and special pajamas yet. Pajamas that were sure to make that night and every night that they are worns sleep that much more cozy.

Pajamas may not seem like a lot to everyone, but the sad look on my boys faces when I told them that we would have to break our Christmas tradition this year was a painful reminder for me of just how real life can be. But thanks to a special friend and a small, but overwhelming meaningful Christmas miracle, my children will be sure to have to cozy reminder of Christmas 2009 for may slumber filled nights to come.

Thank you Alyssa, from the very bottom of my heart.


  1. We have the same tradition and the girls always open new jammies on Christmas Eve.

    Alyssa is fabulous and I too am thankful for her wonderful generosity and sewing talents.
    I'm so happy your boys had a Merry Christmas Eve. :o)

  2. AW! I guess Brayden's were a little long...oops. You are sweet...and I'm glad I got to be a part of a wonderful Christmas tradition :)

  3. Aw, that is the sweetest! Alyssa - you're totally an angel.

    I let the girls open a present on the morning.. I was going to let them open on Christmas Eve, but snow hit us unexpectedly and they needed some new sneakers (which were wrapped under the tree). I love early Christmas gifts!


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