Monday, December 28, 2009

The Outing Snob

People Watching Movie in Movie Theater

Is it just me or has having kids made you more selective about doing activities outside the home? Not only have regular dates been put on the back burner (for us anyway) but you now find yourself trying to justify getting out of running mundane errands too.

I used to be able to pick up and run to the grocery, library, post office, etc, whenever I wanted to. But that was PK (Pre-Kids). Now when we're out of milk, I immediately start thinking about cold cereal alternatives: oatmeal, french toast, that lonely tomato on the counter; whatever doesn't require milk to eat. The same goes for bread or toilet paper, there has to be something else we can use so I don't have to pack up two squirming kids just to pick up one item. Because realistically, it should only take me 10 minutes to do it, but with kids, it's at least an hour, easy. Was that pack of Charmin really worth it? Two tantrums and a screaming fit later, I think not. We'll use the rest of the Kleenex next time. :oP

Jim and I have also become "snobbier" about our date nights. When we used to eat out, we ate whatever we were craving and watched any movie just to kill some time and to get out of the house for a bit. Now we have off-limit restaurants, like Red Robin, because we practically live there with the kids when we eat out as a family. When we're kid-free, we want our restaurant to be also. "Yes, Dahling, please don't seat us next to the breeders; we have the night off." We also want a menu that doesn't advertise a dish called the Chipper Chicken with Smiley Fries.

Now as far as movies go, if it's not some action filled blockbuster, we'll wait for the video. A movie must be big screen worthy if we're going to bother with a sitter and pay for an evening out. I have missed many a chick flick due to this rule, so thank goodness for movie rentals and lazy weekends in.

Jim and I are also hockey fans, but I don't want to bother going to a game unless our team has a good chance of beating the other guys (I have to study the team stats beforehand). Mind you, I wouldn't have cared PK, but when nights out coincide with blue moons, I don't want to be disappointed in a crappy game. Kind of puts a damper on the night when the score ends up being 0-6. The only saving grace there is a good brawl. :oP

Yes, I dare say, I'm now an Outing Snob. If it's not worth the trouble, tantrum or sitter, count me out. But fill me in on the details so I can at least live vicariously through you. *sigh* Unless it's just a run to the store to get tp, because then I'll giggle and ask why you didn't just use the rest of the Kleenex.


  1. oh man I'm a total shut in! I seriously don't leave the house unless its absolutely nesessary ... its just not worth it!

  2. Haha! This is awesome! Amazing how kids change everything.

  3. Glad to know it's not only me. When it comes to the movies, the #1 struggle is finding anyone to stay with the kids. Since the summer when my neighbor's daughter was home from college, we haven't seen the inside of a theater together. Even at that, we rank movies as "theater worthy" or "DVD or OnDemand material". Most of them end up waiting for OnDemand.

    I save all of my shopping for Mondays or Wednesdays when the kids are in school...or I wait as long as I can until I can go to Walmart and distract the kids with the fish in the pet section.

  4. haha, I can totally picture you feeding your kids a lone tomato for breakfast. A little salt and pepper and they're good, right?

  5. kids are a life changing experience. i remember when i used to be able to potty in peace.

  6. Haha, W, I can barely remember back then... I have a hard time going WITHOUT an audience these days! :D


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