Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good Boy!

Top 10 Reasons Raising Boys is Like Raising Puppies

10. They will beg for their food, especially snacks.

9. They can destroy absolutely anything in a matter of sheer minutes.

8. They find large puddles of mud utterly and completely irresistible.

7. They can be trained to play “fetch” with a baseball/tennis ball/ping pong ball – any ball will do really.

6. They need to be walked daily.

5. They like to “mark their territory”.

4. After long romps in the great out doors they should be searched thoroughly for ticks.

3. They can’t resist sampling toilet water.

2. They are constantly jumping up on their owners for attention.

1. And the number 1 reason that raising boys is so much like raising puppies: their bite is often much worse than their bark!


  1. They can't resist sampling toilet water.... BLECH! Hahahaha, ew.

  2. You nailed it on the head...but you might have thrown in there "magnetically attracted to water"...of any sort. Like my Golden Retriever, if there's water, Merrick will find it!

  3. lol i have 3 boys of my own and i can totally relate... I don't think they have sampled the toilet water (but who really knows?) They have done plenty of other things that have shocked me and amused my family and friends :)


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