Saturday, November 14, 2009

5 o'clock Dance Party

I had a different post ready to go for today, but it has just been one of those days... whiny kids, not enough sleep, absolutely no chocolate in the house, a dog who wont stop raiding the kitten's litter box for a snack... you know, one of those days.

So forget about the other post, I need to get up and move.

In our house, we dance. We blast our music as loud as we can and shake our little booties till we can shake them no more. Am I a good dancer? Ha! No. But don't tell my kids that, because they think I'm awesome.

My girls and I have an almost daily tradition, one that was started when Gracie was only a baby: the 5 o'clock Dance Party. When the clock strikes five each day (okay, sometimes it's 4:30 or sometimes it's 6:00, but usually 5 is the right time for booty shaking in our household) we stop what we're doing, pop a CD in the player and DANCE.

Traditions are fun, and one's where you get up and shake your money-maker (sorry, I couldn't resist typing that) are the BEST. So, without further ado, here is my go-to list of 5 o'clock dance party tunes (they are a little eclectic and don't really go together ... but they always get me up and dancing). If Pat Benetar is your thing (she totally rocks), then blast her from your stereo. If you love hardcore gothic love metal, by all means, crank it! This is just my list:

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Go on. Grab your little kids, forget that you dance like a chicken with its head cut off, and dance until you're completely exhausted. They'll love it, I promise.



  1. We do dance time at our house too! I turn on the music and we dance as I make the boys clean up their playroom. Something about the beat of a good song and incorporating something fun into the mundane task of picking up toys actually motivates them to clean ... and who am I to question that!

  2. Dance time is the best! Ours are more spontaneous, but my favorite is when Amelia asks me to play the Sleeping Beauty Waltz on the piano (it's pre-programmed in) and they battle over who gets to be my dance partner. The funniest is when Merrick does the "Here's the Mail" moves from "Blues Clues" and when they sing "makes me want to wag my tail", he shakes his rumpus...or when he tries to do the Mr Guinea Pig dance from the end of Pinky Dinky Doo. I need to catch it on video one of these days.

  3. So true, We love dance parties at our house, too! There's nothing like watching the whole family dancing to wiggles to appease a cranky baby.


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