Friday, November 13, 2009

Love for Daddy

I don't know about your husbands, boyfriends, partners, whoevers, but- my husband is amazing with our kids. Sometimes I forget just how much he loves them, until I'm uploading pictures and I'm able to look at my memories from a very different point of view.

The other day, Christopher (my husband) taught my daughter how to play hop scotch. At the time, I was multi tasking- taking pictures with one hand, pulling rocks out of the babies mouth with the other (seriously Charlie, you're going to break your teeth before they even peak through your gums), and keeping a very close eye on that spider off to the right, because I swear to God Mr. Spider, if you take even one step closer to me, its lights out. While doing all of that, I was thinking about what we'd eat for dinner (I've really been slacking with the meal planning), trying to visualize my to do list and what had or had not been checked off yet today, trying to piece together mental images of my homemade Christmas wrapping paper that I'm this close to completely blowing off, even though I know I'd regret it if I did, and ...wait, what was I saying? I'm doing it again. Ya know, playing brain ping pong.

So here I was, sitting in neon pink sweat pants, not having showered in days (who needs personal hygiene anyways?), finally settling down to organize a few pictures from the night before, when the "awwww" fairy smacked me across the face with her magical wand, and took the anger right out of my eyebrows.


He really is a good father. He takes the kids outside when nobody asks him to. he just does it. Hes not afraid of, or ashamed, to pick up a piece of chalk and draw a sunshine for his daughter. He sings at the top of his tone deaf lungs, silly songs that make both of the kids erupt into fits of laughter (not because it sounds awful, either), because he'll do anything to make them happy.

Eleanore, who hadn't gone down for a nap after all (surprise surprise), pulled up a chair beside me, and together we looked through some pictures. After a few clicks of the mouse (note to self: put "mouse pad" on Christmas list) and a few explanations of how hop scotch works, since she still doesn't quite get it, we wrote a letter to Daddy-


Sometimes it just takes a different point of view to help you see the things that slip between the lines on your to do list .

...Wait a second. Where did that spider go?


  1. Aw that made me cry- I loved it!

    I saw a commercial recently- you can hear a guy cheeringleading out in the yard, and they show him doing the silly motions to some popular high school sort of cheers and then they cut to the neighbor gawking out the window at him. Then they pan out and he is helping his little girl practice her cheers. I agree with you that sometimes being a good dad (or mom I guess too) is paying so much attention to what will be good for your kid, that you forget to notice people might be gawking at you.

  2. so so sweet.. I am fortunate to have a husband that is wonderful with our children as well. Moments like these are to be cherished. Its wonderful that you were able to capture it camera.

  3. Aw. I love that. I have the cutest pictures of Will and the girls throwing rocks in a pond. I was just snapping the photos, and after, I couldn't help but go AWWWWW! I was to busy taking the photos that I missed the moment while it was happening and it was the SWEETEST!

  4. Beautiful, Tia. And a great reminder about the important role that dads play. :o)

  5. That was a great post, Tia. :) I sometimes have the same moments of awe when I look at my husband with our son. Thank you for sharing--it was really really beautiful!!


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