Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Taboo Words

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Can someone please explain to me (seriously, I'm begging you... please) why kids - particularly Gracie - feel the need to repeat the SAME thing over and over and over?

We have several taboo words in our house each day. These poor words don't deserve to be taboo. Really, I feel bad for them. They are perfectly nice words... But, as Gracie uses them for torture - repeating them at least 25 times in a 2 minute time period - we often have words that cannot be said unless she would like to spend 4 minutes on time out.

Today's taboo words: Chocolate milk and The Dixie Chicks.

Here is how things went down:
NOTE - I'm condensing our conversation, so you are not reading the word for word transcription. You will thank me later.

Gracie [ever so sweetly]: Mom, does Lola (of Charlie and Lola) drink chocolate milk?

Me: Probably.

Gracie: But I thought Lola liked pink milk, not chocolate milk.

Me: Okay.

Gracie: Is pink milk the same as chocolate milk?

Me: No. Pink milk is pink and chocolate milk is brown.

Gracie: Can I have chocolate milk?

Me: Not today.

Gracie: Can I have chocolate milk later?

Me [getting impatient]: No, Gracie, I said not today.

Gracie: I really like chocolate milk.

Me: Great.

Gracie: I think I would really love to have some chocolate milk tomorrow

Me [developing twitch]: Fantastic.

Gracie: Chocolate milk is my favorite kind of milk.

Me [eyes beginning to bulge out of skull]: Gracie, please stop talking about chocolate milk.

Gracie: Do you like chocolate milk?

Me [steam coming out of ears]: Yes, but I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Gracie: Chocolate milk is really good to drink, because milk is good for you, like exercise.

Me [blood beginning to boil]: Fantastic, but if you say chocolate milk one more time, you are going to be on time out for purposely driving me insane.

Gracie: Do you want to drink chocolate milk later?

Me [fists jammed into eyes to keep them from popping out]: Gracie. Stop.

Gracie: Do you want to drink chocolate milk so you can have strong bones?

Me [breathing fire]: CHOCOLATE MILK IS A TABOO WORD!

Seriously, I'm a word-nazi.

I'm not even gonna go into the story behind "The Dixie Chicks" becoming taboo. It would give you a headache, too.

So. Tell me, moms out there, who are wiser than me... how do I get my darling, sweet 4 year old to stop driving me nuts by saying the same word over and over and over again? Or should I just invest in better headphones, so I can drown her out? I'm all ears, and willing to listen to any advice thrown my way.

Just as long as you don't mention the word ... well, you know.



  1. How old is she, because she sounds an awful lot like my 2 year old son. He has perfected this and drives his older sister (and myself) crazy. It goes something like this...Are you okay Abby? (Yes, Luke). Are you okay Abby? (YES Luke). Are you okay Abby? (YES LUKE!) Abby, are you okay? (I already told you Yes!) (Luke in a growly voice), Are you okay Abby? (YES!!!) (Luke in a high voice), Are you okay Abby? (YESSSSSS!!) (Luke in a whisper) get the idea. Don't you love it?

  2. have you tried doing it back to her? wait until she is in the middle of something and then act like her *smirk* I can't help it Marisa, your stories are hilarious...and I know they are so funny because I'm not living them...I don't have any advice other than she will outgrow it & in the meantime, you're probably gonna want to start taking happy drugs so you can survive ;oP

  3. Oh ahahahahahha, that is hilarious. Poor Abby for being hounded with sympatheticly annoying questions, and poor YOU for being stuck listening to it all day long!!

    Gracie is 4, but she has definitely be at it for awhile!

  4. ohhhhhhhhhhhh..hehe
    1st advise? totally ignore her!
    2nd advise? change the subject!
    easy peasy.. i do this ALL the time with my kids (2 1/2 and 5 years old)

  5. I'm pretty sure that this is a 4 year old thing because I feel like I've had this conversation 20 times with my 4 year old son. He just doesn't get that he's driving me nuts.

  6. That's so funny. I feel you pain. You must perfect the No-more-or-I-will-mount-your-head-on-a-pole look. Trust me, chocolate milk is only the beginning. It developes into certain toys and why they're better, then certain gaming systems, then the advantages of a particular cell phone over another and why we should upgrade the cell plan (which they know more intimately than my carrier) all said with the sweetness of a child who is showing its mother that they recognize how truly busy I am and so they have taken it upon themselves to do all the tedious background research. So thoughtful. Ugh.

    Now they're leaving for college and it's Mac or PC.

  7. *shivers* Oooh, Justine the idea that this is going to go on their entire life gives me the chills. Yes, must perfect the No-more-or-I-will-mount-your-head-on-a-pole look!!

  8. lol when you get that look down will you take a picture ;oP

  9. Oh, Marissa! Love to hear that the odd things that go on in my house happen all over!

    I say either do it back...or ignore it! Is she doing it to get attention, maybe?

    Visit my NEW blog:

  10. I love it. I mean, I don't love it when it happens but I love reading about it.
    "Is it later now?" two seconds. "Is it later NOW?"

  11. Do it back to her... ahahah, I've tried... she just gets excited that I'm saying her annoying words as many annoying times as her. :)

    and hahahaha, Jessica... is it later NOW? Yes, we get that one every time we are in the car. :D


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