Saturday, June 13, 2009

Show and Tell: Say WHAT???

"Mom Shouting at Annelie"
drawn by Gracie - age 4

Today's Show and Tell: Readers Share
Phrases you NEVER expected to hear yourself shout until having kids

But first, lets break the ice with one shouted by Natalie:

"Get your feet out of the cheese!"


Okay, now on with your phrases. Thanks for sharing, everyone!


"That's it! I've had it, don't you two ever look at each other again, EVER!"

ummm, yeah mom... that will work really well.

submitted by Dawn


"No, you are not allowed to have any more fart parties!"

submitted by Amy


"Get your ruddy-tuddy-nekid-booty BACK in that bathtub"......please.


I just had knee surgery, on crutches, and I was putting away items from the diswasher. I said "Watch out, I have knives in my hand, and I'm unstable".
I will never hear the end of that remark. Ha!

submitted by Robin


To my son Danny," Are these leeches on my kitchen counter?!"

and they were!

submitted by Loveland Beads


I told my daughter when she was very young that when she sticks her finger up her nose and feels the squishy part, that is the back of her eyeball and if she pushes too hard, her eyeball will pop out!

LOL ........ the funny part was, my mom was there, and whispered to me behind my daughter's back, "I didn't know that."

submitted by Susan


Once after an exhausting day of doing daycare, I was sooooo tired. I made my kids some strawberries with sugar and whipped cream on them for a treat after dinner. He asked if he could stay up past his bedtime to read a book...I snapped and said.."Sit down, watch tv and eat your strawberries and sugar!" The family started laughing, it goes to show you how tired I was...telling him to watch tv and eat sugar rather than read a book.

submitted by Kym


"No, God does NOT live in the toilet"

to my 3 year old after flushing her dead fishy.

submitted by Holly, of Five Little Gems


Would things I've said as a teacher count?

Because God help me, I never thought I'd find myself saying "No, do not lick the toilet stall."

But I said it...ew.


Thanks so much for your contributions

Next week's Show and Tell theme:
The gross things kids do... share a story!




  1. Thank goodness God isn't in the toilet...not a pleasant place to live! Thanks to everyone for the giggles!

  2. LOL!! Thanks for the laughs! Ah, kids......

  3. Too funny! I'm sure I've said some crazy things, and yet nothing comes to mind...I'm sure I have many moments coming up though as my son learns to talk!


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