Friday, June 12, 2009

Make it: Shabby Sweet Ponytail Flower

I'm a sucker for adorable hair accessories for my girls. I also love finding ways to use up my stash of fabric, silk flowers and buttons. This project was the perfect way for me to dig into my stash, and make unique accessories for my favorite fashionistas.

Even jeans and a t-shirt will be dressed up with this shabby sweet ponytail flower.

To begin:
Gather your materials:
  • Fabric covered buttons (mine measure 3/4 inch. I covered my button myself - button assembling kits available at any fabric store and most craft stores - you can also find a wealth of pre-covered buttons on )
  • 8 - 10 Fabric strips measuring 1 inch by 3.5 inches. The fabrics I used in my hair flower are from Anna Maria Horner's Chocolate Lollipop collection (small floral), Joel Dewberry's Aviary collection (wood grain) and a Japanese import (owl button fabric)
  • Silk flowers
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Glue gun
  • Elastic hair holders
Assemble fabric button (the button kits will have directions, if you are not sure what to do).

Pull the flower petals off the silk flower. You will need about 2 or 3, depending on how full you want your flower center.

Fold each strip of fabric in half and sew a simple running stitch along the end, creating a fabric loop. Pull the ends and tie them tight, to create your flower petals.

Push the back of the button through the centers of the petals.

Thread the needle with thread (I made sure I used several thread strands so that it would be very secure) and knot it several times. You can add hot glue to make sure it is permanently secure; you'll be covering the knot and the underside of the silk petals with the fabric loops.

Add hot glue to the tip of the fabric loop and attach it to the underside of your silk flower petal, at the base of your hair holder, next to the knot. Continue gluing the fabric loops to the petals until they are in a flower shape without any gaps between petals.

You can add a small fabric strip over the back of the ponytail to hide the messy backside, if you like.

Last, attach to the hair of the cutest little girl you know.

Voila! I like to add them to my daughter's sloppy half-ponytails. They make an easy and very, very cute accessory!



  1. Too cute! This makes me wish I would endulge myself in my fabric whim, even though I just can't really sew. I am wicked with a hot glue gun though!!

  2. These are really cute!

  3. Lovin it! Aaannnddd....guess what....I have ALL of that stuff....YAY!!! Now I can make some and not have to hop over to Hobby Lobby

  4. adorable! oh, by the way, my son fetches - kind of - if I ask him where his ball is, he does a really good job. If I ask him to get me something...not so much, LOL.

  5. Hurray, Leah, for fetching sons! Now you have to train the little guy to do your laundry and mop the floors... that's what I'm working on with my girls, at least :)

  6. How cute!! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us! =) We did a shabby flower tutorial on our blog for paper flowers a few days ago:

  7. Adorable! So cute and easy. :o)

  8. aaaaah, it's so CUUUUUTE!!! I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossiop Sewing:

  9. This is a really lovely, summery hair accessory!

  10. Thanks! I have two little cuties here who are also very vain and love hair accessories!!!

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