Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Flowers

My sister just had twins on Easter Sunday.  Her first and second child.  Very excited for them.  And you know what new babies means?  Other than that intoxicating new baby smell?  A great excuse to build a diaper cake!  I'm always looking for a reason to make one of those!  They just don't seem to be the best get well soon or Bat Mitzvah gift.  "Um, Holly...."  "Just go with it, they make great centerpieces don't they?  L-chaim!" :o)

This time around, I had two awesome (and legit) reasons to make one, so naturally I had to make TWO fabulous diaper cakes, plus a bonus one just to use the "leftovers."  My favorite cakes so far and I just had to share.  And if you feel so inspired to make one of your own, here's the link to the previous tutorial for ya.

All of the flowers, butterflies and ribbon were from the dollar store.  I love that place!!

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