Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Love and Brownies

Today has been one of those crazy kind of days where I find I'm running around my house like a chicken with it's head cut off (Ew, such a gross visual. Sorry). So, instead of sitting down and writing mama drama brilliance, I am instead going to re-post from my personal blog. Enjoy!
Mom makes brownies. Kids help. Each kid eats one brownie for dessert, declares it the most delicious thing she has ever eaten in her entire life, and then goes to bed. Dad comes home from work. Sees plate of brownies. Eats ALL of them.

There's a little story that happens all too often in our house.

But last night, five-year-old Gracie decided enough was enough. So, just before brushing her teeth and hopping into bed, she wrote a letter.

Dear Dad, it read.

Please do not eat all the brownies.

Love Gracie and Annelie

She made sure it was covered in hearts, so he still knows she loves him.
The fact that there wasn't a letter stopping ME from eating all the brownies did not go unnoticed.

Nom nom nom.

Happy Wednesday, mamas!



  1. bwaahahh! Oh this is priceless...I can totally see this happening in our house :)

  2. Like taking candy from a baby!


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