Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kids Don't Come With Volume Control

Today, I wish they did.  We were walking out of the public library, on our way back to the car.  A woman was standing near the bike racks near the parking lot, facing away from me.  As we walked by, SweetPea started in on this conversation, at that "I'm four and if I'm outside I get to use my outside voice" volume:

SweetPea: "Momma, what's that lady holding in her hand?"

Me (clueless): "I don't know Sweetie."

SweetPea: "Is it a smoking?"

Me (smelling cigarette smoke): "Yes, that's a cigarette."

SweetPea: "Why does that lady want stinky breath?  Does she want to get sick and not be healthy?"

Me (rushing to walk faster): "I don't know, Sweetie."

SweetPea: "Why are some people naughty, Momma?  Why do they do things that we aren't supposed to do?"

Me: "Sometimes people just do things even though it's not good for them."

How's that for stunning parental logic?  For the record, I've never told my daughter that people who smoke are bad.  I did tell her that smoking is bad for us, that it can make us sick and that it makes our breath smell.  I certainly didn't want her to make some random stranger feel bad (though, hey, if it gives her motivation to quit, then...), but somehow my "you shouldn't smoke" message got blurted out for all the world to hear.  I guess you can call it a public service message!


  1. Actually, I'm not in favor of smoking either but I have to make a point-my Hubs has been a smoker for years and his breath doesn't stink at all. He doesn't smell like smoke, even. He has his smokes outside, brushes his teeth well and uses mouthwash, and actually has better breath than other guys I dated in high school who were non smokers.

    I remember being told that being kissed by a smoker was like licking the bottom of an ashtray. SO NOT TRUE. (lolol!)

  2. out of the mouths of babes! hehe

  3. Be sure to print this post out and hand it to her when she turns 15. She'll LOVE that :D

  4. Well good for Sweet Pea & her concern for public health and safety. I'm pretty sure no offense was taken.

  5. Scattered, I hear what you are saying. The stinky breath thing was just one more way for me to make the whole cigarette thing as unattractive as I could (she doesn't dig stinky breath). I know a lot of smokers whose breath doesn't smell. That said, I've also known smokers who weren't so conscious of their smokey smell and who had some stinky breath!


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