Friday, April 2, 2010


Every single Sunday morning, no matter how busy and hectic our week has been my husband and I celebrate the start of another week and the last day of the weekend. Together we both go into the kitchen and break out the eggs, bread, potatoes, and whatever else we can rummage up and prepare a huge breakfast feast, where often times our extended family comes to enjoy with us.

During the warmer months we'll all perhaps carry everything out to the back deck and eat picnic style and in the colder ones we abandon our eat in kitchen island and eat at the dining room table, something that is often reserved for holidays and fancy elaborate meals.

Sometimes when the two of us cook we'll let the iPod play while the children occupy themselves with cartoons and toy trains (and asking 100+ times when the food will be ready). Gage, our 3 year old, is a finicky eater and right now will only eat french toast, pancakes, waffles, or whatever we're having that day, with peanut butter slathered on it in place of syrup. Brayden, our 7 year old will not touch a scrambled egg, but will gladly eat a plate full of over easy ones, dipping butter bread (not toast!) into the yokes. Together we will all eat until our bellies are full and laugh and enjoy each others company while doing it.

This small and simple tradition of ours isn’t complex or expensive, and aside from stocking up on a few essential groceries during my weekly trip to the store, it really takes no advanced planning. But it’s something that we all look forward to, and gives a chance to slow down and connect as a family.

It's been those small weekly rituals that have brought us some of our most special moments as a family, simply because we were all together enjoying our time with one another at a leisurely pace. Life is so full of this and that, that sometimes we often forget to just live because we're always thinking about what's next. Our tradition isn't so much the breakfast itself, but rather devoting the time to one another and setting the pace for the day.

Do you Mama's have any traditions?


  1. We always eat a big breakfast for dinner on Saturday nights. The only day that my DH doesn't have to work is Sunday and there is not enough time before we have to leave for church. But it works for us.

  2. Not really, but I think I'm about to start one as Jim prepares to leave the country for the next month. I have a daily surprise box that the girls will get to open (something to look forward to that day and each day is different). I already have lots of things planned to keep us occupied. :o)


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