Monday, April 5, 2010

Mama Drama Mondays: Happy Easter!

Tis the season for bunnies, baskets and a bounty of goodies. We don't usually do anything big to celebrate, but this year the girls got spoiled!

Jim and I don't eat hard boiled eggs (seriously, the smell alone should scare most people off) so I usually get the plastic eggs and fill them with candy. We also don't get to hide them outside because it will inevitably rain this time of year. In fact, we haven't had a dry Easter since we've had kids. That's okay. The Easter Bunny doesn't like to get wet either and prefers to hide the eggs in our living room. So, our kids have never dyed eggs. And you can't call it a travesty if they don't know what they're missing right?

Well, my friend Krystal talked me into doing egg dying this year ("Your kids are so deprived!"), but it was under the condition that she help. The girls enjoyed it and we'll probably do it again next year (as long as we have someone to send the eggs home with after they're found). Stained fingers and happy faces were worth the extra mess.

Then she and my friend Danny got into an Easter Basket competition to see who would give the better basket to the girls. All I got the kids were umbrellas, videos and mini Barbie Dolls (Krystal was shocked because she always loved getting huge baskets as a kid, and I was again missing the point of Easter). But they were more than welcome to do whatever they wanted to; I wasn't in on the competition. Danny went for a Hello Kitty theme and Krystal went for a candy filled, bigger is better theme.

And on Easter morning, the girls eagerly anticipated what the bunny might have brought them. The dining room table was all but covered with baskets, three for each girl! Thank goodness I didn't get them candy, we're set for a good two months. So who won for best basket? Let's just say no one knows kids better than their parents. Each girl went straight for her brand new umbrella. Maybe I was depriving my kids, but at least I got something right this year. :o)

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  1. Haha, its true... no one knows kids quite like their parents. Mine got books on gardens and seed packets for flowers... not a single toy! And they were THRILLED!

    Glad you had a great day! And I'd love for Krystal and Danny go to basket war for me next year. I could do with some spoiling, methinks! :D

  2. Sounds like fun! Umbrellas are soo much better than candy! My mom spoiled the kids a bit last year but they were just as happy with the few things I got them this year. They were also first-time egg dyers this year, we had a blast!


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