Friday, April 23, 2010

A Fleeting Relationship - Spring and I

One of the things I can't stand about living where I live in western Pennsylvania is the season of Spring. Now don't get me wrong, Spring and I are like this (I'm twisting my pointer finger and my middle finger, you'll have to trust me on this one). But apparently here, in my town Spring is a chick whose time of the month lasts the entire season because she is moody.

One day here it's 70 degrees and sunny with not a cloud in the sky and the perfect small breeze at my back. The very next day, as I'm telling my husband how excited I am to have a bit of color in my cheeks from playing outside, I look out the window to see a cold and grey sky and snow flakes clinging to the grass.

Like I said, Spring is moody. She just can't make up her mind and in my house that often leaves un-made plans thanks to her unpredictable-ness and two sour faced little boys.

Whats a mom to do? I love Spring, truly I do! But I can tell that my, and more importantly my children's relationships with her are fleeting. Particularly when they want nothing more than to soak up some sunshine and push trucks in the dirt or play some baseball.

So to get back in touch with Spring, (because really, every relationship requires some sort of give and take) we decided to start our annual vegetable garden a bit early this year. Normally we have to wait until Mid-May to put any sort of plant in the ground for fear of the frost, but this year rather than buy ready to go live plants we decided to start earlier and try our hands at seeds, which can be transported outside on Springs goods days to absorb her sunny disposition, and can be kept inside when she's having a bout of temper tantrums.

And two very special little boys were able to reconnect with Miss Spring by sinking their hands into some dirt and bringing something to life which they will nurture and watch grow (and eventually slaughter, massacre, and devour ... but that's neither here nor there).


  1. We did this this year also with the girls and everyday they want to see if the plants have "popped." Here's hoping it inspires them to eat some of the things we planted. :o)

  2. We just planted some sunflower seeds in a little pot we got off the dollar bin at Target. I can't believe how fast they sprouted. I put the rest in the garden and they are popping up too. As soon as the sprouts in the house are a couple inches, we'll put them outside. Here's to hoping Miss Spring stays for good at your house soon!!!

  3. Aw, how cool. They are going to love watching their seeds grow!! And haha, I love how Spring has temper tantrums... she can be such a child sometimes!


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