Monday, March 29, 2010

Mama Drama Mondays: Is It Over Yet?

I don't know about you, but I had the LONGEST week last week during Spring Break. So odd that I always looked forward to it as a child but as a mother of two, it's rough! Gone are the routine errands and day to day plans. On top of that, Jim was preparing for a business trip, so he was working more hours than normal last week. Yikes!

Needless to say, we all went a bit stir crazy with the weather being nice one day but crummy the next. I thought I'd do something fun to get out of the house and took the girls to story time at the local library. The first time went pretty well, the second, not to much. Peri decided to have an attitude; perma-scowl, arms folded, and not interested in participating. It was so bad, I literally had to carry her out to the car because she refused to walk. I hate it when they do that. Apparently, I need to lift more weights because holding the hand of my 3-year-old and lugging my 5-year-old around like a carpet under one arm, was a little tougher than I'd originally thought. Yet one more reason to head to the gym. Thank goodness she wasn't flailing. No more story time after that.

So we were mostly cooped up last week and I think we're all looking forward to things going back to normal. Already today, I've dropped Peri off at preschool, gone to Target and finished my weekly grocery shopping. Ahhh, routine. So nice. How was your Spring Break?

Also, just want to let you know that IT'S COMING! :o)

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  1. Wow, my kids are not even school and last week was crazy! My kids LOVE library story time! Its the highlight *and sometimes the only outing* of our week! They should GIVE you a free gym membership once you have kids because I JUST KNOW that all this baby lifting is messing with my back!

  2. Our Spring Break is next week, so I'll need some ideas so I don't go crazy!! My son's wonderful teacher sent home a project to do (1st grade diorama) that I'm excited about!

  3. I hear ya! I'm a teacher but I love "me time" when they are at school :)

  4. Our biggest problem wasn't Spring Break - it was the week after that was tough. I'll admit part of it was my fault. I'd gotten used to not having to rush in the morning. While I enjoyed getting "me" time back, those 1st couple of days getting back to the routine were murder!


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