Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sometimes They Just Amaze Me!

We're starting our weekend with a huge WELCOME to Sasha, who is our very first TMD guest poster! Thanks, Sasha for sharing your story with us!


Usually, when they THINK I'm not paying attention... Like now, I am making dinner & blogging while my children play nicely together!

Ok, I guess I should back up a little...we (as in me & my 2 toddlers) just went to Wal-Mart *aka our home away from home* I swear I go there like 3 times a week! I think it has a lot to do with the fact that no matter how perfect I think my shopping list is I ALWAYS forget something, usually something crucial to making dinner THAT night! Its a curse! We went to Wally World to get crackers, among other things, for the chili I am currently eating (due to the fact that I started this blog like an hour ago but have been distracted a few times since then so now I am eating & blogging! What an amazing multi-tasker I am) *pats self on back*

Back to my cute children story... While at Wal-Mart I found some Christmas gift cards in my purse, (YES CHRISTMAS, I lost them in my purse) So I decided to get the kids something with their money. I got Johnnie an AQUA DOODLE & a shape sorting ball & I got Julie a toddler laptop. I got home & was starting dinner, here's where the toys come in (= they stay busy while mommy makes dinner! YAY!) Johnnie was getting increasingly irritated with his shape sorting ball & was on the verge of throwing the ball or crying OR BOTH and here comes Julie, she sits down and (with more patience then any 2 year old should rightfully have) proceeds to explain to Johnnie how to match the shapes to the holes!

Julie: "See brother, match the green square to the green square hole."
Johnnie: "Green square."
He puts it in the right hole.
Julie:" GOOD JOB BROTHER I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT! Now try this one." She hands him the red circle. "No, wait, turn it, turn it, match it up here, YAY! you did it!"

THAT would be them amazing me! Julie is so patient when him & he is so eager to learn from her! It is soooo sweet!

I must be doing SOMETHING right!


Awwwww! That is adorable! Thank you Sasha for sharing your story with us!

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Happy Weekend!


  1. That's too cute and kudos to your daughter for being blessed with patience. It's a wonderful trait I wish I possessed. :oP
    Thanks for sharing, Sasha! I love it when my kids surprise me by being kind to each other. I wish they did it more often, but hey, it makes the rare moments that much more special. :o)

  2. I love the sweet moments like that. Mine are 2 and 4 and those "nice" moments are becoming a little more scarce. Somehow these days, one of them are annoying the other. When the lovey, patient moments come, I relish them!

  3. Glad to see you guest posting on here, Sasha! :)

  4. SO CUTE! :)

    Yeah, like Aly, my nice moments are becoming more scarce, the older they get! But oh do I relish the sweetness when I see it!

  5. Thank you everyone (= I totally agree, sweet moments *to eachother at least* are few & far between at this age, it's nice to catch them in the act!

    p.s. Thanks again for having me guest post!! =D

  6. Too sweet! I love those little moments.



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