Friday, February 19, 2010

A Love Letter

Dear Sleep,

I've been attempting to keep this thing between us a secret, but its getting extremely more difficult each and every day to hide it. I fantasize about you all hours of the day and my insides get all squishy and warm when I think of our impending time together. Oh what my family would think if they knew the true extent of my joy I bestow when our time together is near. You are always on my mind.

It's time now though, to come clean and admit just how in love with you I am. I'm ready to shout it from the roof tops, post it on billboards and perhaps take out an ad in the newspaper declaring our love.

When you are not around my heart breaks. People say I look down, washed out, and crabby with out you. My hair doesn't shine, my eyes don't sparkle, and my skin looks translucent and pale if I'm not in your presence. No hot shower, expensive makeup, or sweet perfume can perk my up and make me shine the way that you do. It's you. It's always been you.

But when I have seen you and felt your warm embrace people take notice. They comment on my brilliant smile and my rosy cheeks. They notice the skip in my step and the happy disposition of my words. I feel as if I'm on top of the world after our hours spent together. I feel like I can conquer anything and everything, no task too small and no mountain too high. Big issues feel smaller and more manageable. Things that normally try my patience I handle with ease. I love my role as a mother that much more after I am wrapped up in your sweetness for a bit of quiet time alone from the world.

Our time together is amazing. It's just you and me with my fluffy pillows, cotton sheets, and comfortable blanket, all wrapped up in each other. I adore it when we just lie still and you comfort me with a peace that I can find no where else. Our nights are wonderful, especially when Mike joins us and we all bask in the comfort that only you can bring. But as nice as it is when he joins us, its really only you that can make me feel this way.

We've been together lots of places over the years, but it's in my bed that I love that the most, when I'm able to stretch out and enjoy you the most. Don't misunderstand though lover, the couch is just fine, but often times I wake up sore after our sessions together there. The times that we have drifted off together in the children's beds were always nice, but it's just too crowded. I'm quite selfish in my adoration for you and need to experience you fully to get the most enjoyment possible.

We've been together so many places that I think I've lost count. There is something so daring and bold about doing what we do in public, able to be caught by anymore but sneaking in a few minutes of togetherness here and there hoping that we won't get caught. There was that one time that we were so rudely interrupted at the salon, but what can I say, the mixture of you, the warm water, and the woman scrubbing my hair was just too much to take. We've been together all over the place. The car is always nice too, making an otherwise long and boring trip that much more worthwhile. I'm looking forward to this summer when the sun is shinning and we can meet up for a rendezvous outside on the swing. I'll ask Mike to watch the kids ... he won't even know that we're together, doing what we do best.

I smile thinking of the times that we've met up in the middle of the day. As infrequent as they are, they are cherished. With Brayden away at school, Mike away and work, Gage and I are often left to your will and able to sneak in a few quickies here and there. You always leave me so refreshed that I just can't get enough of you, what can I say?

My dear, sweet Sleep, this love is never ending. It is stronger than you can even begin to imagine. I promise you that it's not just an infatuation, this is real and all consuming. I think I may have taken you for granted for many years of my life but now, I promise you, I’ll never take you for granted again. I need you. With all of me.

Love forever,


  1. OMG, my sleep has been cheating on me! Give him back! I love you too sleep, come back to me!

    Very funny Amanda. Sounds like we feel the same way about our "beau."

  2. OH MY, the passion!! Sleep will be VERY lucky to have you again soon (I hope)!

  3. I almost spewed coffee onto my laptop. I thought that I was the only person who felt that way. LOL I often wondered at my kids attempts to get out of going to bed when I want nothing more than to get INTO bed. Nothing compares with being all cozy warm and just on the edge of drifting off. And nothing is as terrible as being jarred awake by some little person thinking that they need to sleep with you. (aka sleep on top of you).

  4. You said it! I ♥ sleep also...wish i could see a little more of it, but love it still the same!


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