Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Goodbye, Dramalogues

When I first joined up with the other amazing women here at The Mama Dramalogues, I was really into it. I looked forward to my days- Fridays, and I was constantly jotting down on post it notes things that I could write about. Finally, an outlet where I could just write about my kids. I think those of you who have personal blogs understand the censoring that goes into writing, and how we often find ourselves hitting backspace to undo the last 5 paragraphs that we typed about what our kid did in the bathroom with the finger paints and plunger. But here- I could write about those things, and I loved it.

Over the past couple of months, I've become busy. My relationship with the Dramalogues has changed. We've drifted apart. When I do think of something interesting to blog about, I jot it down on a post it the same way I used to, but instead of posting it here, I post it there, on my personal blog. I know that double posting is acceptable, but whenever I do that, I kind of feel like I'm cheating all of Dramalogue readers. I'm not giving you my all.

I've recently gotten knocked up pregnant (my 3rd), my one year old is just days away from walking (and days away from some serious hospital testing for his recent seizures), my husband is going through Airman Leadership School and is basically MIA even when he is home, we're moving into a new house in just a week, and... y'all I just can't keep up.

This is my last post, Mama's. My final goodbye.

If y'all want to keep up with me and my family (I promise not to fall off the face of the planet), you're all welcome to come over and read my personal blog whenever you'd like. Christopher And Tia. <--click there? That's where I'll be, at least 5 out of 7 days a week.

Take care of your little ones, Mama's! Brush their teeth, tickle them, feed them fish sticks and tater tots every day for a week just because you can. All that good stuff.

Mama T, over and out.

Hah, Mama T ...I'm so lame.


  1. Awwwww, gonna miss you over here Tia! But as long as I can still see Charlie on your personal blog, I'll be ok!!

  2. You will be missed Tia! is nice to know there is still a little place out in the blogosphere were we can still meet up and read about what is going on with you all :)

  3. Bye Tia!! I'll keep sending you GF love when I can :)

  4. It sucks when real life takes up all of your online time, right? :) At least you still have that outlet for writing!

  5. Bye Tia! See ya at your bloggy home :)


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