Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Different Parenting Philosophies

In the years I've been a mom, I've learned that everyone has different parenting philosophies. Four-year-old Gracie and I are no exception...


Gracie: I'm really nice to my baby.

Me [making lunch]: ....

Gracie: I'm really nice to my baby.

Me [still making lunch]: ....

Gracie: I'm really nice to my baby.

Me [responding only because I know that if I don't give some indication that I've heard her, Gracie will repeat the same sentence until the end of her existence]: That's great.

Gracie: I give my baby cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

Me: If you finish your lunch, you can have a cupcake, too.

Gracie: I give my baby cupcakes and she doesn't even have to eat her lunch first.

Me: That doesn't sound very healthy.

Gracie: But cupcakes taste better than lunch and my baby loves them, so she's really lucky.

Me: Well, I'm the kind of mommy who wants her little girls to be healthy because that is more important than cupcakes.

Gracie [not happy that her mother is such a killjoy]: Well my baby is luckier than me.

Me: I don't think your baby is very lucky. If she doesn't eat a healthy lunch, she'll get sick and die.

(Yeah, sometimes I'm a little harsh...)

Gracie: .... okay, maybe my baby will eat some fruits and vegetables first.


So Gracie ate her lunch and her baby ate her lunch and they both got to have cupcakes, and nobody got sick and died, the end.

Oh, and also, I think my parenting philosophies are waaaaay better than Gracie's.



  1. Quit being mean Marisa and give her the Cupcake.

  2. That was such a cute story. Gracie has a wonderful mother.

  3. Well handled mommy, sometimes we have to get a bit harsh to get the point across! Cute story! (=

  4. I laughed out loud at the get sick and die part. I might have to use that!

  5. HA! Just had to add in the part about the baby dying, didn't you? I was wrong about what I said before...you are insensitive :P I don't know about you, but by the looks of it, baby isn't doing so well on the cupcake only diet. She looks a little rough :)

  6. Well handled... thanks Sasha, I like that! :)

    Lisa - try it! Although, I can be terribly insensitive at times (just ask Alyssa... she'll tell ya) and following my advice might not be the best idea!

    Alyssa - Yes, that baby has had a rough life ... but she's a trooper. And she did eat all her veggies, remember?

  7. I was paranoid every time my 3.5 year old dropped his pacifier on the floor or the ground when he was an infant.

    Now - if my three month old does the same thing, I usually pick it up, brush it off and stick it straight back in.

    I figure she'll never get Chron's Disease.

    (Is that a little twisted?)

  8. Haha, Dean, no not twisted. :D

    I was like that with my second kid, too. Kid #1 was coddled and worried over at all times without fail. Then kid #2 came along and I was like, "ah, well, the first kid survived so I guess I can relax a little."

  9. I've used the "get sick and die" logic, too. LOL!

    I'm sure Bridget would totally agree with Gracie's parenting philosophy. ;-)

  10. LOL, Melissa - Great 4yo minds think alike, after all!

  11. lol...sometimes you just have to be blunt! 4 year olds are persistent!

  12. Ha-Ha!!!! Do you have a secret microphone planted in my house? I swear this exact conversation happened at my house this week ; )


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