Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Conversation With a Four Year Old

What can I say?  She's been four for less than two weeks and already the dialog has become so much more interesting...or maybe just complicated...

The setting: On our walk out to the car after preschool

The conversation:

SweetPea: Mommy, can I drive in your blue car?

Me: Of course you can sweetie, I always drive you in my blue car.

SweetPea: No mommy, can I drive your blue car?

Me: (pauses to soak the question in)...you want to drive... my car?

SweetPea: (enthusiastically) Yes!

Me: Sweetie, you're too little to drive my car.

SweetPea: Mommy, I'm not little, I'm four.  I'm a big girl, so I can drive now.

Me: (Momentarily stops to consider the possibilities.  She says she's old enough to drive.  She and Lil Buddy could carpool to preschool...I could sleep in until 9 am two days a week...hmmmmmm....) ...Sweetie, the policeman says you have to be 16 to drive a car.  Are you 16 yet?  How many more numbers until you are 16?

(SweetPea and Mommy count from 4 to 16)




  1. Too cute! Sounds like my little girl. I can't believe the things she says sometimes! LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So funny! She sounds like my 5 year old, who will tell me I'm not in "her club" if I don't obey her every whim. Of course, her daddy is always guaranteed membership no matter what he does... : }

  3. That's so cute, I remember thinking I'd be able to do ANYTHING once I was four, if only we could keep up the enthusiasm in our forties!! :0)

  4. Uh oh - you're in trouble now. Next thing you know she'll be wanting to date and telling you how icky boys are at the same time. You're in for a ball for the next 14 years or so.

  5. Precocious little thing she is :) I would lock the cosmetics up too. :)

  6. I love this ... my son asks all the time to borrow the car! (he is 4 as well lol) He also tells people that he has a drivers lic. (this is the photo ID his school gave him from picture day) and he makes sure he doesnt leave the house without it. He says you never know when mommy is going to get pulled over and then he will have to drive!

    Love your blog!

  7. LOL, I love this!! Gracie hasn't asked to borrow the car yet... but she is definitely interested in high heel boots!

    and this morning, she was so mad that I wouldn't let her have a cup of coffee.

  8. Both kids have asked for coffee. One little drop on the tongue instantly changed both their minds! Same with soda. Amelia got one sip and hated it.

    The high heeled boots would be the only way she'd come near to reaching the gas pedal :) As far as just raiding my closet, she seems to be attracted to my old "practical" work shoes...the ones that are functional yet butt ugly.

  9. hahaha sounds like Brayden, who wants to know when he'll be old enough to ride a motorcycle, to which I replied 80. Hopefully I'll be dead by then.

  10. They grow up so fast these days. I am sure you are glad she has that many more years to go!

  11. aw! is right! Oh boy, what are you in for here?!

  12. Enjoyed your post and got a hearty laugh from it.
    Why is it that children are always in such a hurry to be grown up? Being grown up is not really all the fun that it's made out to be. I'd much rather be back riding a tricycle than worrying about mortgage payments and auto insurance ! :)


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