Friday, December 11, 2009

You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry...

How many times have you pulled the "Santa won't bring you any presents if you keep acting like that" card? I must have sang "Santa Clause is coming to town" 100 times today, in hopes of getting my rebellious 3 year old to knock off the attitude. Eventually I stuck her on a time out chair facing the wall for the rest of day/night, with the decision of taking back all of her gifts (most of them came from garage sales, crap) and replacing all of her goodies with coal.

And then I came across this picture from last year, of my Elie sitting on Santa's lap.

If Santa is at all the same this year, as he was last year, then my threats are needless and I can put them away.

No... yeah. That really happened.

Do you have an awful Santa picture? Drunk Santa? Skinny Santa? Bald Santa? Share them with us! Add the picture to our flickr group (seriously friends, why aren't you all flooding our group with your family pictures?), and then leave the link here for all of us in a comment.


  1. OMg, she looks so sweet. Santa, on the other hand, looks like he might be all of 21 under the beard...and I'm guessing that he's NOT smiling under there :) I wish I'd gotten a picutre of Merrick hysterically clinging to me, screaming "NA! NA! NA! NA!" when I tried to put him in Santa's lap. It would make explaining the picture of Amelia by herself with Santa a little easier!

  2. I'm not gonna lie - I'm completely sad that we didn't get a Gracie's first Santa picture back in CA... when the mall Santa that year was a 17 year old asian kid. MAN, I regret not getting photos done that year!!! How great would that have been to have on our mantel every year??

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  4. ummm, I've got to say that is most certainly the creepiest Santa that I have ever seen!


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