Friday, December 25, 2009

It Was Just A Year Ago...

So I know its Christmas, and most of you are opening presents right now (did anybody get a snuggie?), but my mind is somewhere else. Its is in a hospital room that I layed in a year ago, replaying over and over again, the birth of my son.

For those of you aren't readers of my personal blog, Christopher And Tia, every Friday I do something called "Flashback Friday", where I post an old picture and write a little story about whatever I posted. I encourage other bloggers (and non bloggers, facebookers and tweeters are welcome too), to play along (you too, come over, pull up a chair, write a flashback!). I love seeing old pictures and taking little trips back in time. Anyways, this week, I revisited a post that I wrote a year ago, after my son was born on December 26th. And I thought it might be fitting to share with all of my Mama friends here as well.


How can I put into type how much I love my son? I can't even get over the fact that I just wrote the word "son". I had to look at the keyboard to make sure I was spelling it right. One of my best friends, Miss Kristen, picked me up at 8am, and after a quick picture party in her car, we were on our way to Abilene Regional to have a baby. The plan was for Christopher, my mother, and my precious Elie Sue to meet up with us there around 11:00, an hour before my scheduled c-section. When Kristen and I got there, they asked me "are you here for your c-section?". I answered with a yes, even though I was only there for blood work, and my surgery wasn't for another 4 hours. Even when the nurse said "get undressed, we'll get your iv hooked up, and then we'll take you back and have a baby!", I still wasn't in tune with the idea that it might be happening much sooner than I expected. And then I get a funny phone call, from Christopher? Hes at home, and he says "guess who just called me?". I don't know, who. "Labor and delivery". Really, why? "They're ready to do your c-section now". Oh OK. Wait... right now?

Then before I know it, Christopher is in front of me putting on scrubs, I've got an iv in my wrist, and I'm holding a shot of what I can only describe as grape vomit that I'm supposed to drink in order to prevent my lungs from burning if I throw up during the surgery. I managed to get away with not drinking it last time, but this time I put on my big girl panties and went through with it. All eyes were on me as I struggled in silence for 5 minutes following, trying my best to keep it down. And then with a handful of tubes and wires, I was wheeled down to the operating room of doom, where I'd feel every second of my spinal, and nearly pass out from the extreme nausea and lung tightening once it took effect. I don't know what I would have done without Christopher. He was my rock through all of it. Usually they don't let the husband in the room during the spinal, according to a baby story at least, but he was there right in front of me, reminding me to breathe the entire time. He commented multiple times on the ridiculous amount of sweat pouring off of my body, but other than that, he was amazing. Thank you honey, I would have died if you hadn't been there. All of it was worth it though, when they finally announced that his head (covered in hair) was finally out, shortly followed by the final call of "Its a boy!".

They held him up over the blue curtain for me to see, and I cried uncontrollably until he left the room with Christopher and the nurses. I don't remember much after that. I closed my eyes and replayed that very moment in my head over and over again for the next hour until he was finally in my arms. I'm in love. Charles Vincent was born on December 26th, at 10:15 am, 20 inches long, 7 pounds 10 ounces. And hes absolutely one hundred percent, perfect.

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS, I can't believe Charlie will be one tomorrow... he is so big already! Such a sweet post to go back to!


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