Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanks A Lot

I'm thankful for lots of things. There's the obvious ones, like good health, my loving husband, happy kids, a warm home... all very important stuff and ones that I do my very best not to take for granted for even a second.

But then I'm also thankful for the ridiculous things in life. Things like my non-napping 2-year-old who, after getting chucked into her room on time-out for flushing a cheerleading pom pom down the toilet, decided to fall asleep for the first time in ages.

Yes, she fell asleep in a tiny little box... but whatever, she still took a nap, which is a miracle, as far as I'm concerned. That nap gave me a whole 20 minutes of Annelie-free time, which is pretty darned rare.

And yeah, okay, the wretched little beast flushed a cheerleading pom pom down the toilet, but isn't she so darned adorable tucked up inside that little box? Thanks a lot for making me smile, kid of mine.

That funky little 2-year-old never fails to crack me up and remind me to enjoy the ridiculous things in life. Life is short and should be enjoyed. Always. Take a minute to look around, admire your kid's goofy grins and the silly way they dress themselves, their scribble-scrabble artwork and their annoying way of wanting only hot dogs for dinner.

Go on... enjoy the ridiculous things, and don't forget to be thankful for them this holiday season!


PS, I just gotta give my hubby credit for finding Annelie in the box and snapping a photo. Thanks, Hon!


  1. Awwww, how sweet... The kid in the box NOT the flushed pom-pom!

  2. Haha, gotta let sleeping dogs lie ... even if they are in a tiny little box!

    Its the small things that are the most important, thanks for the reminder to always be thankful for them!

  3. Amelia has fallen asleep in some pretty funny places...a small box like that being one of them. That is so classic...and I agree, it's the small things that let us laugh are the ones I'm most grateful for :)

  4. LOL, Lori... because flushing pom poms and other things, is what she does best :)

  5. This is great. I have to tell you as the mother of a 25 and a 30 year old, I can remember how mad I got at the pranks they pulled when they were little and now this many years later they are the funniest, happiest, belly laugh memories I have.


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