Monday, November 2, 2009

I Forgot to Remember.... Again

More often than not, I suffer from Mom Brain and to make matters worse, I'm faced with too many tasks that all needed to get done yesterday. Combining an endless chore list with a mind that's not likely to even remember what was for breakfast, and you're bound to have issues.

"Dishes, I need to do dishes so we have plates for dinner tonight. Okay, heading into the kitchen, hm, that floor needs mopping. Where's the mop? I think Jim left it downstairs again. Argh, the kids left toys and dirty clothes all over the stairs. I'd better pick these up so no one trips. Might as well start a load of laundry. Oh look, last weeks darks are still in the dryer. Time to fold those....(then 5 hours later) What? It's dinnertime already? Dang it, we don't have any clean plates. Grrr. But hey, at least I got a load of laundry done. Oh wait, it's mildewing in the washer. Sigh."

The one thing I actually had to get done and it not only moved to the back burner, but somehow ended up hiding in the cupboard behind the Cheerios and granola bars. I know I can't be the only one who's been sidetracked so many times your sidetracks have sidetracks and that the path from A to B looks more like a mindless meander. With so many things to distract us, what's a mom to do?

Perhaps if I simplify my to do list; feed kids, shower on occasion and get everyone to bed on time so we can do it all again tomorrow, sounds more like something my brain can handle on a day to day basis. Then again, those dishes won't do themselves and I'm sure that if I don't start out there, I'll somehow eventually end up doing them during one of my many sidetracks. Here's hoping. :o)


  1. Soooooooooo me! To a T, except we don't have stairs so the toys and dirty clothes are all over the floor everywhere else. Sometimes I look around and think, "This CANNOT be my house, I like organization and I HATE clutter. So how can MY house be so messy?!?!" Good to know I'm not alone.

    Would love to have you visit my blog and follow along if you like!

  2. Hahaha, Its like 'If you Give a Mouse a Cookie' for grown ups!!

    A few months ago, I started putting a few tablespoons of bleach in my laundry loads so that they wouldn't mildew when I forgot them in the washer. It works!

  3. "shower on occasion" lol, ain't that the truth!

  4. Oh my goodness, you get an "Amen!!" from me.
    Lists have because my very favorite thing.
    I may not get it done, but at least I wrote it down. That counts for something, right?!


  5. UGH! I know exactly what you mean. This is especially annoying for me, because, pre-kids, I had a nearly photographic memory. I mean near Rain Man proportions. Now, if I don't write it down instantly, most thoughts get forgotten. In one of my classes, they threw out a stat that says the more over tasked you are, the worse your short term memory gets. The worst though is when I walk into a room for something, but in the time it took me to think about walking into the room, I forget what I was going there for.

  6. lol i love this blog cos i can so relate... must add computer as another distraction though ;)


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