Sunday, October 25, 2009

Terribly Two

I really should have known better.

Brayden was a handful when he was in his terrible twos. Everyone (myself included) always attributed it was in part due to the fact that he was a boy and supposedly boys are more rowdy than girls. Obviously I don't have much to base that comparison on. We went through tantrums, destructive phases, crying, fighting, horsing around, all of that normal good old fashioned kid stuff that moms love.

But in comparison to Gage, Brayden was a little angel.

Now let me just make this point here clear (and possibly embarrass myself a bit in the process). I am the oldest of four children. I have three younger brothers, so some part of me really should have known what I was in for when I had boys. Yeah ... my expectations weren't even close.

Gage Michael certainly looks sweet, but behind those big brown eyes is a child who is absolutely determined to do things his way and his way alone, to heck with what Mom and Dad say. That determination is always fueled with a never ending amount of whirl wind energy and a ferocious tenacity. Gage is independent, which should be a good thing, but is more than often not. particularly when it leads him to some of his finer exploits.

When he's doing something naughty like scaling the furniture like a monkey and I yell "Stop it, Gage!" I am greeted with the calm and cool reply of "Just leave me alone Momma."

When I'm packing up etsy orders and turn my back for a fraction of a second he pulls out the crayon he's been concealing and draws all over 100 brand spanking new business cards.

When I'm writing out bills and have to run to the bathroom I return to find that my entire checkbook has been filled out with scribbles and my son now has a black BIC moustache

But yesterday - yesterday took the cake. The husband and I, along with Gage, went out to pick up a few presents for a birthday party we were going to. (Brayden stayed with his Grandma, because typical to any 6 year old boy, he wasn't shopping in the "pink girly aisles"). We decided to meet up with a friend and her mom for a coffee, and a chocolate milk for Gage, at Starbucks and sit and chat for a few minutes before heading back out to run errands.

I love Starbucks.
Children do NOT like Starbucks. Or at least my child does not like Starbucks.

Gage got bored, because really, how long can a two year old sit still while grown ups drink coffee. And in a flash of a second, he was up and out of his chair and pulling the fire alarm from the little red box on the wall.

And then the sirens came.
Not only did the alarms sound in Starbucks, but the whole building complex .... all 10 or so stores.

And the fire department came.
Not one little truck, oh no. But 3 or 4 of the biggest ones they had since it was an entire shopping complex's alarms that sounded.

And the ambulances came.
And the police officers came.

And I. was. mortified.

That right there is MY boy.
Give me strength!


  1. oh my goodness, i can't stop giggling. ok, i'm really sorry but that is funny in a 'thank goodness that happened to someone else and not me' kind of way :D

  2. OH NO!!!

    Oh Amanda, wow... well, you know I'm right there alongside you, with a child suffering from Second-Child Syndrome (aka kid 2 absolutely terrible, terrible compared to kid 1)

    Oh man, well, at least you got a hilarious blog post out of it!!

  3. Wow, when he does it, he does it big! When we used to live in Boston and lived in an apartment, Amelia pushed the "emergency call" button on the elevator a time or two...but luckily you can just hit "cancel".

    If it makes you feel any better, when my nephew was little, twice he called 911 and my sister had no idea until the cops showed up :) Then again, it didn't result in a whole strip mall being emptied out!

  4. You poor Momma! Hehe
    Makes for wonderful story telling though!! :)

  5. Well I am glad my son has not done that little trick. He would be so excited to find out that he could call up all the coolest trucks in town with a pull of one little red box. He would be looking for fire alarms everywhere we went then!

    When my brother was little he called 911 on the modem. He was 7 years old and trying to 'hack' his way into AOL via our dial up service. You could hear the 911 operator asking, "What is your emergency?" from the speaker on the modem but there was no way to answer her. Spooky. A few minutes later the cops showed up and Mom got pulled out of the shower soaking wet to sort out the situation.

  6. that does take the cake!! lol great story which im sure you can laugh about now :)
    i am mum to three boys and my blog archives are filled with stories of their escapades...but your story tops them :)


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