Saturday, October 3, 2009

Boo Bars!

So by now, I've learned that I can take any regular ol' treat, put it on a fancy paper plate, give it a silly name, and suddenly its SUPER FUN. Example- Boo Bars.

What are Boo Bars? Pretty much- chocolate peanut butter crispy rice treats, cut out with halloween shaped cookie cutters. Thats it. To us Moms, its super easy, but to the kids, its awesome. I caught myself asking "whats the big deal?", until my daughter started jumping up and down making ghost sounds, and repeating "I want a boo bar, I want a boo bar", with a tune behind it. Oh. Thats the big deal.

What you'll need to make these:
-1 bag of ghost shaped marshmallows (.89 cents at the store)
-6 ish cups of chocolate crispy rice cereal (we used envirokidz gluten free Koala Crisp cereal)
-1/2 cup peanut butter
-1/4 cup butter (we used earth balance)

My daughter loves these ghost shaped marshmallows. Theres 100 calories (of pure sugar, haha) in 11 of them, I think, so sometimes I give her a bowl full, and send her off to "play ghost friends" in the living room. She usually comes back a sticky mess, after biting thier heads off and eating thier tails, but it distracts her, and gives me a break. Plus shes afraid of everything else thats Halloween related, so, have at it kid, enjoy what little bit of the holiday you can stand.

Start by melting your ghost marshmallows and butter together in a large pot. Heat it slowly, so they don't burn. After things start to get gooey, add in the peanut butter. My daughter isn't old enough to help stir things on a hot surface yet, so to keep her occupied I gave her a small spoonful of peanut butter to nibble at, while I stirred.

Once everything is melted, pour into the pot, your chocolate crispy rice. Mix it up until all of it is well coated with sticky sugary goodness.

Line a brownie pan with wax paper, enough of it so that the paper is sticking out past the handled edges, and then pour in your warm boo bar mixture. Take another large piece of wax paper, and smush it down. My Elie loved doing this, making all sorts of "uuugh, I'm pushing on it so hard" grunting noises, when really she was barely making a dent, haha. I let her push on it forever, seeing as how she never seemed to get bored of it, and she was doing a great job.

And because the best part of making things, is "tasting" (thats what we call batter eating), I put some into a little bowl for her, and let her snack on it while the mixture cooled.

While sister was tasting the good stuff, baby Charlie got to snack on his very first chocolate rice cereal!

Put the pan into the fridge to cool completely. Set up a fun Halloween table cloth (obviously you can skip this part if you want to), Halloween paper plates, and get out some cookie cutters. We got some mini Halloween cookie cutters at Target's dollar spot two years ago, so we used those. Bigger cutters work better though, as we learned.

After your Boo mix has completely cooled, the entire brick should pull out nicely, thanks to the wax paper. Set it down on the table, find the perfect spot for your cookie cutter, and press! We used a butter knife to help pull the shape up when we were done.

The end result, was a DELICIOUS super fun Halloween treat, that even my pumpkin fearing 3 year old had no problems devouring.

But no, "No Boo Bar for you Charlie!", said Daddy.

So thats it Mama's, a great Halloween themed activity to do with your little ones! Have fun!


  1. Oh yay... my girls are excited to make some Boo Bars!!

  2. That is officially adorable!

    Peace & Love,


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