Saturday, September 12, 2009

Make It: Life-Sized Portraits

This project is always a no-brainer - just grab a roll of butcher paper and some markers, and then trace your kiddo for him/her to color in.

Thanks to Gracie and her love for books, we did a twist on the age-old coloring favorite, by turning the life-sized portraits into their favorite story book characters.

Annelie was hard at work, coloring in Wendy from Peter Pan.

Nice job!

And Gracie had to create a life-sized version of her BFF - Harry Potter.

Okay, so my daughter is very creative, with an awesome imagination... but I can't help worrying that she is going to be the 'weird girl' in school, made fun of for being a little... odd. Her paper Harry went with her EVERYWHERE for an entire week, even after he was a ripped up, stapled back together, taped up scrap of paper.

They watched movies together, they played at the table together, she even had him sitting next to her at meals and made up a bed for him to sleep on at night.

Weird... but at least she had a good time.

Harry and Wendy are no longer with us... but the good thing is, all we have to do is grab some more butcher paper and markers and we'll have another week's worth of fun.



  1. Gracie can go to school with Amelia and they can be weird together. She walks around the world in some of the wildest costumes...and I let her. I figure, why not? Lately a couple of her stuffed animals have become her imaginary friends and she also brings them everywhere and talks to them. Personally...I love it!

  2. great idea - i should do this with my kids - might keep them occupied for a few minutes lol

    i did something similar at school with my class where the kids created characters that they then had to name, paint, and do a load of measuriung activities with! the kids absolutely loved it!!


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