Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm a Ninja

I'm a Brayden and Gage ninja.

Brayden and Gage are my children and I know everything that there is to know about them. I know that nothing makes Braydens day quite like when I tell him that we're having tacos for dinner. I know that Gage likes to line up all of his little wooden trains in the window sill and play in the sunlight. I know that Brayden likes to sing songs when he thinks that no one is listening and I know that Gage doesn't particularly care for macaroni and cheese.

Not only do I know the facts about my children, but I also know that Gage prefers Nickelodeon to the Disney Channel, and Brayden's newest pastime is reading the Capt. Underpants books. Gage is a klutz who trips over his own two feet and walks into walls, but never cries and a kiss from mom is all it takes to make a boo boo all better. Brayden very much loves everything having to do with Star Wars and has a small crush on the girl who stars in iCarly on tv. Gage is independent, while Brayden would rather have a playmate. Brayden is willing to try new things while Gage is stubborn. They are both full of love and affection, forgiveness and strength.
Study all you want, you'll never know more about them than I do. I'm a Brayden and Gage ninja, and if you're a mom, then you are someones ninja too.

There is more to my boys than their doctrine and their characteristics. I hold their little hands and I feel their gentleness and trusting adoration. When they wake up and say Good Morning to me I can gauge whether or not they had a good and peaceful nights sleep, if they were restless, or if a dream was had, all simply from the words Good Morning. I can look at my children in a crowd and know what they are wondering and on occasion I can finish their sentences. I know their daily requests even before they are made, and I know when a loving squeeze is needed by reading the tiny change in expression on their faces. I've been soaking up Brayden and Gage's attitude, demeanor, personality and manner for years now. They are not like anyone else to me, and I can pick out their individual voices and presences even before I've consciously heard or seen either of them. You do the same thing with people you love. And because we know them this well, we are not the same -- they have influenced us.

I'm a mom.
I'm a ninja.


  1. Oooh, I'm an Annelie and Gracie ninja. Haha, I like that :D

    PS, I LOVE Captain Underpants! I used to read them to the boy I babysat about 8 years ago. I'll have to get them for Gracie. Right now, her favorite book is George's Marvelous Medicine

  2. I love it!! I'm a Tyler ninja =o) when Jesse lived with us, I was a ninja for him too!

    Captain Underpants books ROCK!! We still love to read them!!

  3. I love the poetic thought of being a ninja mom. Good moms possess the quiet strength and invisible watchfulness of a ninja...and are sometimes called to war on behalf of their loved ones.

    I love it! I am going to meditate on this all week. Thanks!


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