Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Tale of Prince Gage PeesAlot

Once upon a time there was a little prince who wore a little crown. His name was Prince Gage PeesAlot.

Prince Gage PeesAlot lived in a grand castle made of graham crackers surrounded by a moat of chocolate milk. The sun always shines in his kingdom and the stars always twinkle. Prince Gage led quite a charmed little life.


In order to become the king and rule all the lands he had to not only perform a task, but master it.

Prince Gage PeesAlot had to use the royal throne and renounce his diapers forever.
He couldn't quite figure out the potty.
He stood on it.
He tore it apart.
He sat on it.
But never did he pee on it (or rather in it!).

Rather than use the enchanted potty Prince Gage preferred to to roam the castle commando style, peeing wherever he pleased, leaving the royal attendants to clean up after him wherever he would roam. Prince Gage, odd fellow that he was, even renounced his crown and fashioned a new one from the seat to the otherwise unused throne.

He used all of the old fashioned tried and true methods in order to master the potty chair, including rousing rounds of Sink the Ships, Make Bubbles, and Pee for Gold (aka stickers). Unfortunately, as Prince Gage PeesAlot has the attention span of a housefly, he remained completely uninterested in his task.

Finally, one day, where in a fit of defiance or just a random act of compliance Prince Gage PeesAlot took a big huge dump on his potty.... and then proceeded to never touch the thing again, finally having decided that he was better suited to remain a prince and wear diapers than to be a king and wear big boy underwear with Thomas the Tank Engine on them.

Alas, whatever happened to Prince Gage PeesAlot I do not know. The rumor across the land is that his diaper using ways drove his poor mother insane.


  1. Oh HAHAAHAHAHA... sorry to laugh, but you KNOW I'm going through the same thing with Princess Annelie PeesInATeaPotandHasAFreakin'TeaParty.

    Perhaps I should read Annelie this fairy tale!

  2. It's so awesome that you have such a great sense of humor about it still. Love the pics!

  3. Love it! My princess refuses to use her throne to poop...and her poor mother is going insane!

  4. Ugh, I hate potty training and I'm putting off training Ryah even though she's probably ready. Fabulous fairy tale though, and hopefully there's a happy ending down the road. :o)

  5. omg that was hilarious! My prince took awhile to master the stream into the high throne...we got creative and tossed in some sparkly jewels (skittles) and it was magical, the stream was aimed and the jewels were marked ... prince Tyler was 3ish... we had many many unwanted streams, usually in the treasure chests (toybox)

    Prince Gage will become a king soon =o)


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