Sunday, August 9, 2009


My kids love reading Highlights Magazine whenever we have to make a trip to the doctors office. Something about that magazine just really grabs their little attentions and allows them to sit there semi-quietly for about two minutes and look through the book, saving myself from a few minutes of screaming, crying, fighting, wailing, and all kinds of other non-pleasant things that end in "ing". Yes, I do love Highlights Magazine.

There is one game that has been in Highlights since about as long as I can remember, the "Find the Things that are Wrong in the Picture" game ... or whatever its called. This is Brayden and Gages favorite thing to play.


My boys are currently sharing a bedroom, or at least Gage is sleeping in Braydens room while we are packing and using his old bedroom to stack boxes. The plan is that they will share a bedroom in our new house though. I want them to grow up communally and learn the joys of being together and foster the sibling bonding that I know they have .... well that, and I want my own craft room in the new house. But anyways, they have been sharing a bedroom for a few days now. Together Brayden and Gage have gone in there to play nicely, leaving me alone and the house quiet for a few minutes.

Bliss. Pure, unadulterated bliss.

And then I went in the bedroom to check on the boys after 15 minutes of silence. You know the kind of quiet I'm talking about, where whatever your kids are doing that is causing them to be so silent must be bad.

And it was.

In fifteen minutes my boys destroyed that bedroom. I'm talking all out destroyed. Two little tornadoes touched down in rural Pennsylvania and landed smack dab in that bedroom and blew it apart.

Highlights Magazine - The Home Version

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  1. WOW, if you could rechannel all of the destructive energy into packing, imagine what you'd get done?? Poor momma. Merrick is finally learning the "put away" concept in school. At home, he likes to dump out all of the blocks in the box we have...then put them back...then dump them out...over and over. At least we're learning! I hope your clean up wasn't too painful :(


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