Wednesday, August 5, 2009

DIY Edible Body Powder

Sometimes moms need some intimate "Me Time" aka "Us-alone-without-the-kids-in-our-bed-or-under-our-feet Time"! Here's an incredibly simple edible body powder to make that time together sweeter!

You will need:

* 8 oz. of cornstarch
* 2 oz. of powdered or confectioners sugar
* 2 oz. of vanilla powder OR several drops of vanilla extract (optional)

Mix the ingredients together and sift into an airtight container. If using vanilla extract, allow the mixture to sit and completely dry before sifting. Be sure to keep the powder in a closed container when not using, as it will tend to absorb moisture from the air and can clump and harden.

Use a feather or small brush to apply to your partner and enjoy!


  1. hehe, I'm going to stratigicaly leave the computer open to this page for my husband to see tonight :)


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