Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not-So-Sweet Surprises

I had a different post ready to go for today... Sweet Surprises, I planned on titling it. It was going to be heart-warming; about the wonderful little things our darling sweet kiddos do to make life full and happy...

But then Gracie got a hold of some scissors and hacked her bangs off last night, and I thought, "There is absolutely no way I'm skipping a post about this event." So, I thought better about my planned post, and here is a different kind of surprise post instead.

Surprise! Gracie now looks like Bjork!

Yes, she regrets her decision. Oh boy does she ever! But unfortunately, this isn't the first time Gracie has done this. The last time she did it (blogged about here) she was two and a half, and it happened to be her first hair-cut ever. Hurray for funny first hair-cut stories for the baby book! It took a full year and a half to grow back, as Gracie's hair grows very, very slowly. I figured that at the age of four, she would know better than to cut her hair again, especially as having pretty "princess" hair is a big deal for her.


Good thing for Gracie: We live in a small west Texas town where mullets run rampant. She fits right in!

Also good for Gracie: After staring at her in shocked disbelief -- and then hiding my snickering behind my hands -- I took her out to the store for an emergency hair-repair shopping trip.

Now she's back to her usual self.

And we are just going to pretend that she doesn't have any bangs at all for awhile. Ah, those darling kiddos and their surprises.




  1. hehe gotta love when they find the scissors...when I was little, I had reeeaaaallllllyyyyyyy long hair and my mom would pull it up into really tight pigtails (think pulling my eyes slanted tight)...well one day I couldn't get the pigtail out, so I cut some of it off near the top of the band and then whaddya know, it came out...along with a hand full of mom ended up giving me layers to hide it lol

  2. Oops! I used to give my dolls haircuts, thank goodness I was too chicken to try it on myself :)

  3. lol She's lucky she has such an awesome mom who didn't strangle her ;)

  4. LMBO!! My son never did that, but I am waiting for my daughter to. She is sneaky like that.

  5. I know I shouldn't be laughing as hard as I am! Seriously...what would ever possess her to do it TWICE?? Thank goodness you are a whiz with a headband :) I never did that to my hair...I had my mom who used to do quite a hack job on my hair...and my sister who once took a really bad pair of paper cutting scissors to mine. I seriously hide all of my "grown up" scissors where little hands can't get to least for now.

  6. Oh my! I am hoping that my 2 year old doesn't ever try to cut her own hair but I am sure it is just a matter of time...

  7. oh my!!! This is one of those times that I'm thankful to have boys, whose haircuts can be remedied with a buzz cut!!

  8. Haha, Alyssa... they weren't even grown up scissors! They were kid scissors. I didn't even know the darned things could cut hair.

  9. BAahahaah!! Ok someday this is going to happen to me and I won't be laughing.

    I think it actually looks cute? In a I'm-so-indie-rock kind of way :)

  10. Tee hee. Again?! Perhaps she'll learn her lesson this time. Maybe? Hopefully?
    Ah kids.


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