Saturday, July 25, 2009

Make It: Watercolor Art Cards with Handmade Envelopes

Preschooler art doesn't have to be only something a mother (or grandmother) can love... this project is the perfect way to transform those art projects that are filling up the front of the refrigerator into something that can be shared. Just turn them into handmade note cards with a coordinating envelope, and they are sure to wow everyone.


Watercolor paper, watercolors, and salt
--(or an already completed project from the front of the fridge)

Colored card stock

Adhesive of choice - I like double-stick cello tape

Envelope template (I just pulled apart an envelope that was in the size I wanted)

Colored scrapbook paper

Tape and/or gluestick (I use both on the envelope, but its not necessary)

Let your kids go nuts with the watercolors... I give mine straws for blowing, crayons for fun wax-resist techniques and an assortment of brush sizes.

And, once the painting is done, but before the paint dries, I let my girls cover their paper with salt for a really awesome effect. The salt can also leave behind a sparkling, crystal glitter effect, which my girls loved.

Currently - a picture only a mother can love...
Soon to be - art everyone can love!

I make my envelopes first, to make sure the cards are the right size to go inside. If you don't have a store bought envelope template, you can do what I do: just pull apart an envelope in a size you like and trace it onto the scrap book paper.

After that, all you have to do is cut the envelope out, fold along the sides, top and bottom, and tape in place. I stick the tape on the inside of the envelope, so it doesn't show on the front. I also like to rub a little glue along the bottom fold's edges, so it sticks with more than just tape.

Making the cards is just as simple as cutting paper and cardstock and taping it all together. Just be sure to make your card fit into the envelope! For the base of the card, I just use a piece of folded colored card stock. My envelopes were largish, and my cards measure 5 x 6 inches.

Because my cards are made from dark card stock, I used double stick tape to attach a white piece of paper inside the cards for writing on.

Find a piece of your kid's work that you want to highlight, and cut it out into a square or rectangular shape (shape depends on the shape of the envelope, of course). Attach the artwork to a colored card stock mat, to make the colors pop.

Then, just take your folded card and attach scrapbook paper to the front, add the matted artwork to that, and VOILA! You are done.

Well, done after your little artist signs their card, of course!



  1. How fun!! what a great idea =o) you are always so creative!!

  2. Eleanore and I like to make cards to send to people too, but I never thought to use water colors. I kind of forgot water colors existed, actually. I'm going to have to put this on a post it so I don't forget. I think it would be lots of fun. Maybe we'll get a jump start on Christmas cards :)

  3. See, just one more I hadn't thought of! With some of Amelia's watercolors, I scanned it, shrunk it down and then used a section of it to make my mom a glass tile pendant for Mother's Day. I got some pretty Amy Butler cardstock a few weeks back, so I'll have to give this a try.


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