Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm Late. I'm Late... For a Very Important Date

I’ve spent a good deal of my life frustrated and annoyed with other people: People who are constantly running late, while I’m always at places early. People who neglect to RSVP to parties, while I always do within a few days. People who mail things weeks later than they promised, while I make a point out of getting to the post office each and every day so often that I'm on a first name basis with the mail clerks. People who don’t write thank you notes while I addressed mine before the event had actually occurred. People who simply don’t don’t show up to appointments, while I never forget a commitment. You know the type I'm sure. In fact is seems that the majority of the world is that type.

Well, it seems that I have finally become this person. The person I so despise.

When Brayden got our of school for summer vacation last month he came home armed and ready with a fistful of summer birthday invitations that have been plastered all over the refrigerator as a constant reminder of all of the upcoming events. I only finally realized that they were there when I started to pack my kitchen for our upcoming move. With an ooops I sat down, phone in hand, ready to RSVP to them all, but as it turned out every last single party had came and went, leaving trails of wrapping paper and cake in its trail I'm sure. And we had missed it all.

I almost never check the voicemail on my cell phone. It annoys me having to put in a password and all of that hoopla when I can just see who the missed call was from and call them back (Oh I should probably add that we don't use a house phone and Mike and I just utilize our cell phones). I have any and all of the people who I want or care to talk to saved in my contacts, so when an unknown number calls me I almost never awnser it, because chances are its a wrong number or someone who really really wants to sell me a fabulous new long distance plan. Finally the other day, after hearing it beep that I had received a voicemail for the thousandth time, I checked my messages...... all 72 of them.... most of which were from doctors offices and dentists offices whose appointments I had unknowly blew off.

On occasion we all pile into the Jeep and head over to my parents for dinner and a little family time, which is great because any day that I don't have to cook and feed two little boys with bottomless pits for stomachs is a fantastic one. As time went on though we started eating later and later even though we always went over there promptly at five o clock, or so I thought, anyways. Finally I asked my mom, why isn't dinner ever ready anymore when we get here, thinking maybe she needed some help with the meal and I could come over a little earlier to give her a hand. Instead I was pretty red faced when she told me that I was always late and she didn't want to food to sit and get cold for everyone so she started having it ready a half an hour later than we were used to.

I finally understand how the rest of the world lives. They, as it turns out, are not neglectful or unattentive, or absent minded, or any of the other expletives I'm sure I've called them in my lifetime. They are moms, with uncooperative kids who they just can't seem to get out the door some days. They have a zillion things running through their minds, the least of which is RSVPing to some strange kids birthday party. They have jobs and lives and errands to run and children to tend to. And I am one of them!

And, I’ll admit, it’s a hell of a lot easier joining ‘em than beating ‘em.

I’m just a tad bit late to the game.


  1. Oh my goodness...this is definitely me now! My brain seems to have been zapped when I became a mom and just does not function in the same dependable and reliable way it used to!

  2. Oh man, so true to me!! I used to HATE being late. Now, I'm lucky if I'm even an hour close to being on time. We seem to spend about 90% of our days searching for that missing shoe or sock, and for that, we are perpetually late.

  3. The chaos that is now my life is so not me. I haven't balanced my checkbook since before having my first daughter and it used to be tied to the penny. I used to be able to get ready 15 minutes before I needed to be somewhere, now it's 45 minutes just to get everything and the kids together. It's such a hassle to leave the house anymore, we rarely get out. :oP I feel your pain.


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