Friday, July 31, 2009

Baby Feet Taking Over the World

Is there anything cuter in this world, than plump miniature toes? Maybe, and if there is, it could only be the teensy tiny shoes that are made to protect them. Even though baby shoes rarely serve their actual purpose, they're more of, just a decorative gathering of fabric and laces (sometimes Velcro, sometimes leather) that usually fall off somewhere in between the cereal aisle and the playground. We as mothers, are drawn to baby's feet. Like bugs to a zapper. Have you really, ever seen an ugly baby foot? You can't honestly say yes, can you? If you can, you have to be prepared to provide us all with picture proof, because I don't believe it, and I think anybody else will either, haha.

Even when those pea sized toes are stomping around in thick gooey mud, they're still cute. Even when they've squished creepy crawly bugs against the pavement, or cheesy macaroni into the hardwoods, we still want to pinch them and babble things that are only legible to ourselves and baby. They're hypnotic.

All baby feet, are hypnotic.

How did my child end up with chocolate all over her face? Didn't I tell her no and lock it up in the freezer? Why is the living room floor covered in Mommy's bras and makeup brushes? I thought those things were tucked away nicely in my bedroom upstairs. How come my mouth hasn't been able to stop singing "the Wheels on the Bus" for over 2 hours? I keep trying to break free of the trance, but all that comes out of my mouth are lines about babies saying "wah wah wah" and people saying "move on back". Did I take my crazy pills this morning or- ...Oh that's right. Baby feet. Its not because I'm ignoring my children to sit in front of the computer screen typing up a summer storm (most days at least), its because of their rounded little pinkie toes and their padded little heel bumps. Dangit. You beasts. You monsters! You tricky little...

... adorable.

... lovable.

... tender. tiny and ticklish.

...I just want to kiss and love you all over and-

Wait. What just happened?

It was the baby feet, wasn't it? Crap.


  1. Oh soooo true. They are hypnotic. I used to just squish Annelie's little toes all the time. They were five perfectly round little peas on each foot... I miss those baby feet!!

  2. I have the most adorable pair of white Robeez with watermelon slices on them from when Amelia was under 6 months. I can't even wrap my mind around the fact that her feet were ever that tiny. She was pretty good about keeping those on. The next pair to follow though...I was constantly chasing lost shoes. With Merrick, from day one he was throwing shoes. I was glad when he grew into shoes I could strap to his feet! He still manages to get them off though. I love itsy feet :)

  3. so true!!! Tyler had a pair of fur lined moccasin like booties (he was born the end of November) and I still have them!! sooooo tiny, so cute =o)

  4. I love those little squishy mushroom tops and plump little toes. Ryah had and still has chunky monkey feet to the point that it's hard to buy shoes that fit over the tops. So kissable though. :o)


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