Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm the one with the bubbles...

Bubbles were always the magic word with my son =o) Hi! I'm Shannon the soapy one. Stick your tongue out, let me show you. Wait, don't run, I'm just kidding =o)

I'm married to Ty and we've created a wonderful blended family. My son Tyler is 13 and his son Jesse is 16. Our boys have been brothers from the day they met 7 years ago. We've been very blessed that our families came together as if we'd always been that way. Before I knew the reality of being a mom, I wanted 3 boys. I was lucky enough to have my son & fortunate enough to have my stepson come along =o)

I am a massage therapist & for five awesome years I also taught massage. I had the perfect schedule, I left after the bus picked up the boys & I was home before it dropped them off after school. I became a WAHM after an unfortunate theft at the academy, that actually turned out to be the push I needed to grow my business The Bath Project. While the boys are at school I make soap, from scratch as well as all those lovely mind & body pampering products that make us feel like a person again. I also run a blog The Bath Projects Blog (creative title, I know) where I talk about all sorts of things from DIY projects, to things I think are fun & some rockin' recipes!!

With my family I enjoy camping, fishing, boating, riding and got stuck on the fishing part didn't you, yeah, it happens lol...I really do enjoy fishing, especially in the evenings when the water is calm, the boys are worn out after a day swimming in the sun and I can kick back with a beer & enjoy the quiet...occasionally I actually catch a fish too...When I have free time for myself I enjoy reading and can usually lately be found with my nose in the Twilight Saga or a soapmaking book.

Oh!! And I'm completely addicted to Disney movies even though my boys don't watch them anymore =o)